Viable Candidate ?

  Let me start this post by expressing, that for the most part, I do not favor third-party candidates. This is not just because I am a Republican. It is not because some very smart people haven’t run as third-party candidates. There have been some very qualified third-party candidates.

  The trouble I see with third parties is that all too often they are of a conservative nature. This means that most times when you have both a conservative running on the GOP ticket and then you have a conservative running on a third-party ticket, what usually happens is the race gets handed to the Democrats and the conservative voters are the losers.

  This being said, I feel that third-party candidates are a part of the system. I also feel that if a candidate of any party is able to jump through all the hoops that are required to get their name on the ballot, then that is the determining factor in what makes a “VIABLE” candidate.

  Unfortunately all too often these candidates get shunned by the main stream media. But even worse is the fact that they get shunned by organizations that put on candidate forums and debates.

  This is the case with the Libertarian candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Delaware, Brent Wangen. Mr. Wangen has gone to the trouble of getting his name on the ballot and in so doing, I feel has earned the title of viable candidate.

  It would seem however that at least two organizations that are sponsoring debates have decided to exclude Mr. Wangen from the debates. The University of Delaware is hosting a debate on Oct 6th, Mr. Wangen is not invited, the reason given is that he is not a viable candidate. If you would like to make your feelings known you can contact  .

  Mr. Wangen has also not been invited to the October 9th  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark Debate. For that one you can contact Laura Anderson at  or 302-366-1665 .

 As I have said, I feel that often third-party candidates are a danger to the conservative movement. But we should not go down the road of allowing the two major parties to be completely unchallenged. Also, many times it is a third-party candidate that will inject an issue into the mix, that otherwise would go unchallenged.

  I understand that these organizations have the right to run their events in any manner they see fit. But I would hope that in the interest of the citizens of the state of Delaware, that they would reconsider allowing Mr. Wangen to participate. It is also possible that either one or both of the other candidates, John Carney(D) or Glen Urquhart(R) , may have had a hand in Mr. Wangen’s exclusion. In that case shame on them.


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