Fighting The Establishment

   It doesn’t take a political scientist to know that this is one of the most exciting and important election cycles in a very long time.

   We are witnessing a real shift in American politics. Many will attribute this shift to the TEA movement. But personally I think that we all have Pres. Obama to thank for the political mood of the nation. It is because of Pres. Obama’s radical leftist agenda that so many ordinary citizens have become involved in the TEA movement. Be it through actually becoming a member or by just agreeing with it.

  This mood transcends party lines. This is not a Republican movement, nor is it a Democrat or independent movement. What it is, in my opinion is a ground swell against the political establishment of both of the major parties,and the ruling class in Washington. The citizens of this nation are rising up in political outrage at the total lack of leadership within the political establishment.

  The American citizens in large part are saying that they will no longer stand on the sidelines and be told what to do. They will no longer be sheep to be led around by party bosses or elected officials. The TEA movement has grown out of a core of citizens who respect and honor our nation’s founding principles and values. Through their outspokenness, they have inspired others to take an interest in these issues. And as more people have rediscovered those founding principles, they have also rediscovered the ability to express their own views through political activism.

  Of course those whom the TEA movement oppose will tell you that the TEA movement is little more than a radical right-wing hodgepodge of  ideologies. And to a certain extent this is true. But the one factor that holds the movement together is the love of Liberty. The people who have become involved in the TEA movement, are for the most part involved because they feel that the current path that the nation is on, is destructive. They feel that the government has become to intrusive in our personal lives, that it has become to big to sustain itself, or to provide even those services that it was originally intended to provide.

 Of course let us not forget exactly what the original meaning of the “TEA” label stood for, ” Taxed Enough Already”. Like our Founding Fathers, the TEA movement founders had reached a point at which they felt that the government on all levels had become non-responsive to the people’s true feeling on issues. Take the health care issue. Even though something like seventy percent of the nation’s citizens were against it, the Obama administration, with the aid of Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid pushed it through. This is governing “AGAINST” the will of the people. The people will not long suffer this behavior.

 What we are seeing in the TEA movement is a diverse group of people coming together in a common cause. That cause is to send a message to our elected officials that they serve at the pleasure of the people. And if they become un-responsive to the will of the people, if they displeasure the people, then they will be removed from office and replaced with people who understand their place in the political scheme of things. And let it be clear, if the replacements fall prey to the seduction of power, they too can be removed.

  As a life long citizen, of the state of Delaware, I am proud to have witnessed and to have been a small part of this movement in Delaware. In recent months here in Delaware we watched as a grass-roots movement grew into a turn out for a primary of historic proportions. The voters of the GOP spoke loudly and clearly, that they would not support the establishment any longer. We saw the two GOP hand-picked candidates for the U.S. House and Senate defeated in the GOP primary.  Not because they were bad people, not because of things in their personal past. But because they did not represent the mood or the will of the people. They were seen and rightly so, as the establishment candidates. One had been in politics since 1965 and the other was had picked due to her long time record of donating to the party.

  These two establishment candidates were selected by the party with no real input from the rank and file voters. That is why in this current political mood they were replaced by the people’s choices, in the primary process.

  We now have Glen Urquhart running for the U.S. House of Representatives and Christine O’Donnell running for the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware. Both of these people represent the people’s will. They were chosen by the people. They are both citizen candidates. They have both stated that they hold our founding principles and values in high regard and that they will govern by the will of the people.

  So it would seem as if the GOP voters have been at the vanguard of the TEA movement in the state of Delaware. But this does not mean that it is strictly a GOP movement. It is not, it is a people’s movement. Now that the GOP voters of the state of Delaware have selected citizen candidates, it is time for all the citizens of Delaware to rally around them. The battle against the political establishment does not end here. We must as citizens of all parties continue the battle to defeat the establishment candidates.

 We must now look towards the Democrat party’s choices for these two seats. running against Glen Urquhart for the U.S. House is former Lt. Governor of Delaware, John Carney. Mr. Carney was a part of the Minner Administration, which may go down as the most hated administrations in Delaware history. Mr. Carney is the heir apparent of the Democrat party to fill the seat currently held by Rep. Mike Castle(R-De). Mr. Carney is another in the long line of “whose turn is it ” candidates. He would be just another Democrat vote in the U.S. House that would have no allegiance to the people.

  In the race to be the next U.S. Senator from Delaware we have another Democrat establishment hand-picked candidate, Chris Coons, running against Christine O’Donnell. Mr. Coons is currently the New Castle County Executive and former council member. During his time with the council he has been instrumental in raising the taxes of the citizens of New Castle County. And even with the increase in taxes, has managed to keep the county in the red. Mr. Coons has made some statements that can only lead one to believe that he would be little more than a rubber stamp for the Obama administration’s agenda. An agenda that is completely contradictory to the values and principles of our Founders.

  I have focussed on these two races because I believe that the mood that is driving the voters of the state in these races will filter down the tickets.

  So now let me say to my fellow citizens of Delaware. These elections are not about Republican against Democrat. They are not about who holds the most seats in congress, though that is important. What these race are about, and must be about, is the direction of the nation as a whole. Will we continue down the path that Pres. Obama and his handmaidens in congress are currently leading us down? Or will we as citizens say, “ENOUGH” !

  I am calling on Republicans, Democrats and independent voters to join your fellow citizens in sending a message to the establishment of both parties, that you will no longer be ruled over by those whom you have elected. That you will demand that your voice be heard and heeded.

  The voters of the Delaware GOP began this battle against the establishment by ousting the establishment candidates of that party. Now it will take voters of all affiliations to defeat the Democrat establishment candidates. And in so doing, we as citizens of the state of Delaware, will send Christine O’Donnell and Glen Urquhart to Washington to fight for us against the Washington establishment. Let the citizens of Delaware show the way, let us hold dear the Founding principles and values that this great nation was built upon. Let our voices ring clear, that no longer will we allow our Liberty to be infringed upon by those who are charged with protecting it.


3 Responses to “Fighting The Establishment”

  1. Judy Says:

    I will not be voting for Glenn Urquhart because I don’t trust him. I don’t believe he is who he says he is. I know some things about him and those things make me doubt on his sincerity. I don’t believe we have to vote for a Repulican or a Democrat. As far as I am concerned, “politics as usual” has gotten us into this mess!!!! And I believe the American people realize that and will be voting differently this time around!!! We have other choices and I for one will be using my constitutional right to vote for who I WANT to win. Not who I THINK will win. That is just a scary thought to me. And I believe the only candidate running in the US House of Representative that will fight for the will of the people and who will defend our US Constitution is Brent Wangen!!!! A Libertarian who is a regular, hard working, middle class man, raising a family here in Sussex Co. I will be able to sleep with myself Nov. 2 knowing I did what was right for me…not the party!!! God Bless America!!!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Judy, you are exactly the type of voter we need more of. You know your mind and are informed.

  3. Bill Says:

    Hi,Frank and Judy! I agree that we do need voters that are informed and make their own choices. I met Brent Wangen at the Great Conservative cookout in Greenwood and talked with him briefly. I glanced over his platforms but I still like Glen Urquhart not because he’s republican but that I agree more with him that Mr Wangen. I ALWAYS vote the person NOT the party.
    I don’t think he has much of a chance of winning but then again we were not sure that Christine O’Donnell would defeat Mike Castle. I remember when Ms O’Donnell ran against Biden a few years back. When I went to the voting booth, I saw Jan Ting,who I agreed with but knew for a fact Biden would defeat him so I threw my support behind Ms O’Donnell.
    Nonetheless,Judy…nice to hear from informed voters! Good luck November 2!!!!

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