What’s In Chris Coons’ Past ?

   In the near future there is the possibility that a revelation about something in the past of the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware, Chris Coons,  will be forthcoming. As of right now it has not been made public.

  Since I have been unable to substantiate the validity of the story at this time, let me make it clear that this is strictly conjecture. But if it is found to be true, it could likely be a game changing event in the campaign. I base this on the fact of how the stories concerning the past of Christine O’Donnell have been treated in the press in recent days.

  I can only assume that those who have shown such concern about the character of Ms. O’Donnell based on the stories released about her youthful indiscretions, will surely feel as concerned about those of Mr. Coons.

  I have in the past said that we should look past these youthful flights of fancy in the case of Ms. O’Donnell, and I would extend this same attitude to Mr. Coons. But it will be up to the voters in both cases to decide whether or not these steps outside the norm will be forgiven.

  If the revelation of Mr. Coons’ “dabbling” is true, then it will make his “bearded Marxist” statement seem pale in comparison.

  Now I must warn readers with weak stomachs that they may want to stop reading right now. I also hope that this will not offend anyone or violate any rules of decorum.

  It seems that while in elementary school, there is the real possibility that Mr. Coons, as a student, may have ingested an adhesive material. Now I know that this will come as a shock for many of his supporters. They may want to say that many children have done the same thing at that tender age. But in light of the treatment that Ms. O’Donnell has received for her behavior in highschool, I think that if the story proves to be true, we must ask the question. Can we afford to send a paste eater to Washington as our Senator?

 I feel that if we must hold Christine O’Donnell accountable for her youthful indiscretions, then Mr. Coons should also be held to the same standards. I hope that all will take this posting in the way it was intended.


2 Responses to “What’s In Chris Coons’ Past ?”

  1. Linda Says:

    Frank, Got a chuckle out of this one! Brought back memories. Gee, I guess if we all looked in our past, who is really left, squeaky clean?

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Thanks Linda for getting the point of the post. When the left distracts from the real issues facing the nation and the citizens, they do a disservice to us all. When the left and the media(one in the same all too often) focus on trivial things in a candidate’s past, it is nothing but a demonstration of how little they have to talk about on the issues. And how weak they are on the important things facing the future of the nation.

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