The Difference In Delaware

  Lately here in Delaware there has been a lot of discussion about phrases  like marxist, socialist, fascist, liberal, conservative and so on.

  This is due in large part to the statement by the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate Chris Coons in which he describes himself as a “bearded Marxist”. These were his own words used to describe himself after returning from Africa. This statement has prompted many to question just what kind of Senator he would be if elected to the United States Senate. Would he be a Senator that would respect and honor our founding principles of individual Liberty and up hold our capitalist system? Or would he be a Senator that would work hand in hand with Pres. Obama to forever change our nation into something resembling the old Soviet Union?

  The use of the words marxist and socialist seems to offend some people. Some of these people who are offended actually espouse many  tenets of Marxism and socialism, yet do not want them to be attributed to Marxist ideals. I find this to be disingenuous at best and out-and-out deceitfulness at worst.

  Mr. Coons in his youth seems to have been honest enough to be able to articulate exactly how he felt about who he was as a person. He also was honest enough to make the statement that the idea that America was a land of opportunity was a myth.

 But let us discuss the real choice that Delaware voters will be making in November when they decide who their next U.S. Senator will be, Chris Coons or the Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell.

 In November we the Delaware voters will be asked to decide whether we will support a candidate like Ms. O’Donnell who has told us that she will go to Washington as a Senator who will support the Constitution and our founding principles. That she believes in the power of freedom. The she intends to insure that we as a nation move back towards those principles that have served our nation so well.

 Ms. O’Donnell has said that she believes that the real strength of the United States of America is the citizens of the nation. That it is the individual that creates the growth of our economy. That it is the freedom to decide our own paths that allow us to think outside the box and leads to the innovations that will solve our energy needs, that will create new jobs, that will allow our children and grandchildren to have a better standard of living then we do.

 Ms. O’Donnell  seems to understand that it is through less government regulation that America will move forward and will once again take its rightful place as the beacon of Liberty. That it is through lower taxes that we will reduce our debt. That through less spending we will reduce the deficit. That through less government we will attain the Liberty that our Founding Fathers promised us in those precious documents, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

  Mr. Coons on the other hand seems to believe,as does Pres. Obama that we must have more government regulation. That the federal government must take on more and more responsibility for the individual. Mr. Coons seems to think that we the people are incapable of making decisions for ourselves. That the government should decide what kind of health care will serve us best. Mr. Coons thinks that it is he as a Senator that is best suited to decide where our money should be spent.

 It would seem from Mr. Coons’ history as a New Castle County Council member and as the Council Executive that he believes the best way to get out of a deficit is to spend more of the tax payers money. And that the best way to reduce debt is to raise taxes 43% over a three-year period. Both of which was done on his watch. Both of which has failed to produce the desired results. And yet Mr. Coons is asking the people of Delaware to send him to Washington to continue the same things on a larger scale in cooperation with Pres. Obama and Sen. Harry Reid.

  Mr. Coons has stated that he would have voted for Obama care. Ms. O’Donnell has said she will work to repeal Obama care.

  Mr. Coons has said that he is in favor of cap-and-trade. Ms. O’Donnell has said that she understands that any form of carbon tax would be the highest tax increase on every citizen that this nation has ever known.

  Mr. Coons believes as does Pres. Obama that the stimulus has worked and that the government needs only to spend more of our money to put us on the road to recovery. Ms. O’Donnell understands that the stimulus has failed and that to spend more tax dollars in this way would only add to the debt that our grandchildren will pay for. Ms. O’Donnell understands that to stimulate the nation’s economy, we must allow those who will invest to keep the money they earn. That to spark an economic recovery we must allow the middle class to keep the money they earn, so that they will be able to purchase products and services.

 What this election truly comes down to is not whether you are a Democrat or a Republican or an independent. What we all must decide in this election is whether we believe in ourselves, or whether we believe that we should depend on government to run our lives. Will we hold ourselves responsible for the decisions we make as individuals, or will we forfeit our Liberty for the false security of government oversight of the most basic of life’s daily decisions?

  This election will force us to decide between a candidate such as Mr. Coons who believes that he and the government are the solution to our problems.That we should turn over our lives to government and its agents and forever concede our Liberty. Or we can support a candidate such as Christine O’Donnell who understands that our individual Liberty is best protected by allowing us to exercise that Liberty. That it is through our freedom to decide our own path, that we will be able to, as a nation, move forward. 

 So as Delaware voters go to the polling places in November they will have but one real choice when deciding on their next U.S. Senator. Will they vote for more government with Chris Coons, or will they vote for Liberty with Christine O’Donnell ? That is the difference in Delaware.


3 Responses to “The Difference In Delaware”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,what has raising taxes done for anybody lately? Nothing! As an economic 101,macro and micro student in college,shows that tax increases are REGRESSIVE and cause businesses to reign in capital outlays,research and development, and stop hiring.
    In other words,it’s a dismal FAILURE! So if Chris Coons gets elected,we are in for same old sorry excuse for government. Spend money to get out of the recession. Instead of us,as citizens, spending OUR money for this failed attempt, I guess common sense is out of the picture.
    Now I don’t claim to be the smartest guy out here,but if taxes are LOWERED doesn’t that free up capital for small and large businesses to invest in their future and the future of this country?
    Of course it does! Why would any business invest in anything if they are taxed to death?
    So many people realize that “business should pay more taxes” only that they pass on the cost to you, which in turn causes higher prices and lower consumer spending. When taxes go up, everyone loses except those that pay taxes and we know who those are.
    Let’s get Christine O’Donnell elected!!!!!

  2. Bill Says:

    Frank..last sentence in the last paragraph should read “…When taxes go up everyone loses except those who DON’T pay taxes…”

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Bill agreed, lower taxes across the board allows both small and larger businesses to invest and grow, but also lower taxes on the working class allows them to buy more products and services, which is what promotes the businesses to expand. Supply and demand. When the government attempts to artificially manipulate the market, it actually retards the natural ebb and flow of the free market system. Think the bailouts. By bailing out failing banks and other entities the government kept the bad entities in the system , instead of allowing them to be purged and absorbed by the system.

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