Buying Votes ?

 I am sure that it is nothing new. And I am sure that both parties have done it in the past. But at a time , when our national economy is in such desperate times, should the President be using Federal dollars to influence congressional races around the country?

  It seems that Pres. Obama may be funneling Federal stimulus money into states and districts that Democrat candidates are running behind in the polls in an attempt to change the outcome of those races. This in a year when most projections are showing big losses for the Democrats in congress.

 One example is in Washington state. The race between, Sen. Patty Murray(D-Wash.) and her Republican challenger, businessman Dino Rossi. It seems that the time was right for Pres. Obama to send his Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to Seattle with $30 million for a road project.

 Sec. LaHood didn’t just hand deliver the grant to the state of Washington. No, they held an event where he told those gathered that this money would not have been possible without the hard work of Sen. Murray who was also in attendance.,

 If this is not a clear example of buying votes by using federal money, well I just don’t know what is.

 Let me first say I am against earmarks to begin with. Those Federal dollars first had to come from the state and local level to begin with. But this type of blatant use of tax dollars is an insult to every American working just to make ends meet. It also demonstrates to what lengths, Pres. Obama and those who would support him in congress, will go to retain their power. Pres. Obama is using our tax dollars as a campaign fund for Democrats who are vulnerable due to their records. The question is how many working citizens will see through this, and vote those in power, out of power.


2 Responses to “Buying Votes ?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Yes,Frank,it IS an insult to mine and every other hard working American’s intelligence!
    I think it’s a desperate attempt by Obama and the democrats because as you say,they are “on the ropes!”
    I believe most Americans now are seeing through the accolades the President and his minions are promoting. WOW! Look at all the great things I did for you! In other words,they are spending OUR money to promote a candidate. It’s an end run around he truth. Smoke and mirrors, a dog and pony show,if you will. If I can see through that and as you always so eloquently put on your blog,Frank, so can every one else. I think it’s a matter of one wanting to see the truth and it’s another if one wants to ignore it.
    Has it been done by both parties? Of course! Will it continue? Maybe,but one has only their vote to root out the big money machine and what’s more frustrating than anything is they use our money to do this.
    We’ll see in November! Go Christine and Glenn!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill even Pres. Obama’s most die hard supporters are seeing through it. Just look at the lady Velma at the Town Hall meeting the other day. She basically said that Pres. Obama has faile to live up to the hype and has done little to alleviate the problems facing the nation and its citizens.

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