How To Dumb Down A Campaign

  Well it is just a week since Christine O’Donnell defeated Mike Castle to become the people’s nominated GOP candidate, for the U.S. Senate from Delaware.

  Ms. O’Donnell was successful in her campaign to defeat  Mr. Castle, despite his use of personal attacks. Ms. O’Donnell and her campaign focussed on the issues facing the nation such as unemployment and the economy.

  Now that Ms. O’Donnell is facing the Democrat, Chris Coons, it seems as if Mr. Coons has decided to use the exact same playbook that lead to Mr. Castle’s defeat. Mr. Coons and the Democrats have launched their attacks on Ms. O’Donnell using the same stories that have been refuted by Ms. O’Donnell time and time again. Mr. Coons and the Democrats are being aided in these attacks by their willing accomplices in the liberal media.

  The latest attack involves a statement by Ms. O’Donnell, that while in high school she “dabbled ” in witchcraft. REALLY?

  So at a time in our nations history, when we are facing historic deficits and debt. When unemployment is hovering around ten percent. When the debate over whether to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire and raise taxes on all Americans is raging. When Obama care is set to be implemented, leading to even more national debt, not to mention the loss of individual Liberties. While all of this is taking place in the halls of congress, what the Democrats and the liberal media want you to focus on, is a statement made by a candidate, about something that happened in high school, twenty some years ago.

  The Democrats and Mr. Coons would gladly keep the focus on Ms. O’Donnell’s distant past, rather than the issues. They would rather sling the dried mud that Mike Castle has already thrown around, instead of talking about the rising cost of energy that would result from cap-and-trade. Instead of talking about the need to repeal Obama care. They certainly don’t want to talk about how Chris Coons would be a rubber stamp for every part of the Reid /Pelosi agenda if he were elected to the Senate.

  The last thing that Mr. Coons wants to talk about, is Mr. Coons. Chris Coons is the New Castle County Executive. Under his watch the county has raised taxes 43% in three years. And even with these massive tax increases the county is running in deficit. It is estimated to reach 79.6 million by 2015. This is due to Mr. Coons tax and spend theory of government. A theory I might add that he shares with Pres. Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has described Mr. Coons as his “PET”.

  So again, while we are face with national issues with far-reaching consequences, Mr. Coons and the Democrats want to do no more in this campaign than to attack their opponent personally. They say it is a question of character. I say it is a question of them being afraid to address the issues in the public forum.

  I say to all Delaware voters, not just Republicans, but to Democrats and independents, demand more from Mr. Coons and his Democrat allies. Demand that the media do more than just echo the talking points put out by the Coons’ campaign.

 This election cycle is unique, in that more people are engaged. More people are following along. More people are getting involved in campaigns. More people are asking the tough questions. This means that the people are more informed than they have been in a very long time. This also means that the people are tired of the sort of campaigning that the Democrats and Mr. Coons are currently running.

  Either Mr. Coons believes that the voters of Delaware are stupid and can be distracted from the real issues by innuendo. Or he knows that he can’t win against Ms. O’Donnell if the debate is about the issues facing the nation and its citizens. I happen to believe that it is both.

 So now that we are forty-one days away from the general election, the voters of Delaware must ask themselves this question. Will the voters settle for politics as usual? Will the voters allow Mr. Coons to distract and mislead the voters with personal attacks on his opponent? Or will the voters demand that Mr. Coons face the real issues, that are facing the citizens of Delaware ?

 I would hope that the media would hold Mr. Coons just as accountable for his past as they seem to be interested in holding Ms. O’Donnell for her’s. Mr. Coons has described himself as a marxist. Now since Marxism is a form of government, one that is the opposite of our founding principles, is it not relevent to discuss Mr. Coons’ feeling about Marxism? Where are the hard-hitting Dan Gaffney interviews with Mr. Coons about this?

  We as voters cannot allow the Democrats, Mr. Coons and the media to dumb down this campaign. We should be insulted that they think that they can distract us from the real issues with little more than rumor and innuendo. I believe that the voters of Delaware will see through this ploy of the Coons campaign and will hear the message that Ms. O’Donnell is carrying. A message of the greatness of the United States of America. A message of our founding principles. A message that says that we are all capable of success on our own, if only government would take a step aside and allow the engine of freedom to move the nation forward.


2 Responses to “How To Dumb Down A Campaign”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,I couldn’t agree more. After the attack ads from Mr Castle I kept thinking,is this more of the same?
    Case in point,I’ve noticed that where Mr Castle’s signs for senate are,Christine O’Donnell’s signs disappeared. Strange or are there sour grapes somewhere?
    Nothing annoys me more and I’m most folks would agree that negative campaigning, I guess, is the red herring trying to get the voters off the issues that matter.
    Mr Coons should stick to his message and Christine to hers.
    You’re right,unemployment almost 10%;badly needed energy policies;keeping the Bush tax cuts in place,etc.
    THAT matters not that Ms O’Donnell “dabbled” in witchcraft. What’s that got to do with anything?
    Even if Mr Coons dabbled in something 20 years ago goes the same thing.
    Frank,Delaware voters are not stupid like my former residence in the MDR (Massachusetts Democratic Republic). Those people keep voting in Kerry,Barney Frank, and the late Ted Kennedy.
    There were a few us conservatives there but were vastly outnumbered by the nitwits that voted these clowns in

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Goods points Bill. And on the sign thing, I put out over one hundred signs and have noticed the samething. But I will be putting more out. We’ll see who gets tired first. I have passion for the message, they have nothing but negative energy.

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