What Can We Expect Of Chris Coons In Washington?

  With Pres. Obama and his submissive congress, led by Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, working to destroy the founding principles of the nation, through their acts of socializing health care. By their acts of nationalizing the banking industry. By their acts of taking over the auto industry. Their ongoing attempts to destroy the energy sector. What could we expect of Chris Coons if he were to be elected to the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware?

  First we must take into account the statement of Sen. Reid in which Sen. Reid called Mr. Coons his “pet”. This would lead us to believe that their have already been some discussions between Mr. Coons and Sen. Reid about policy. Not unusual for a candidate to be felt out by the majority leader I’m sure. But the statement makes a case that Mr. Coons will be a rubber stamp for any policy coming from the Democrats and especially from the White House.

 We must also take into consideration Mr. Coons own statement from years past in which he wrote about himself as a “bearded marxist”. Not something that would give comfort to even the moderates of the Democrat party I would think, let alone the fiscal conservative of that party. Our founding principles in this nation are based upon individual Liberty and the capitalist system of economics. Someone who sees themself as a marxist would be completely opposed to our founding principles.

 So again, what could we expect of Chris Coons if elected to the U.S. Senate? Well since he seems to be in lock step with Sen. Reid and since Sen. Reid is subservient to Pres. Obama, I guess we could expect more of the same that we have been getting from the Democrats already there.

  If we look at Mr. Coons recent record as New Castle County Executive and the state of that county’s affairs, I believe we see that he has been working on his resume .With Pres. Obama and the Pelosi/Reid team in congress, we have seen the national debt and deficit sky-rocket along with the spending. Pres. Obama sees no problem with creating more and more entitlements, be they  nationalized health care or unending extensions of unemployment. And while doing this, he makes no cuts in spending to pay for the increases.

  What is Pres. Obama’s answer for the spiralling debt? Well tax increases of course. He and his “PETS” in congress would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, which would raise taxes on the very people most likely to invest and expand the economy.

  So what can we expect of Mr. Coons if elected? Let us look at New Castle County.
Checking the projected cash flow it appears that with a 17.5% then a 25% tax increase, they are projecting to be in the red significantly in the future.  Also note that they are not reining in expenditures.

   As we can see Mr. Coons is of a like mind as that of Pres. Obama. He has been in charge of New Castle County and has overseen a tax increase of 43% in three years. Though the county has done nothing to cut expenditures. As we can see the county under Mr. Coons’ watch has only been able to make ends meet by raising taxes. But due to the increases in spending that they are projecting, they are still destined to fall short in their revenue generation by the amount of $76.9 million in the period of 2011-2015. The numbers show that New Castle County today projects to spend more for the next five years. They also realize at the current revenue projections that they cannot cover those cost.

  So what has been Mr. Coons’ theory during his time with the New Castle County Council? Well it would seem to have been, “TAX AND SPEND!” , the same as that of Pres. Obama and the Pelosi/Reid congress.

 So I believe that by looking at Mr. Coons’  history within the New Castle County Council, we can see exactly what we can expect of Chris Coons in Washington. We can expect more of the tax and spend agenda that Pres. Obama has made the hallmark of his administration. I feel we can expect Chris Coons to be true to his self-evaluation as a “bearded marxist”.  I believe we can expect him to work side by side with Sen. Reid, just as we would expect someone described as a “pet” would, to move the leftist agenda of Pres. Obama along and in so doing tear down the foundation of Liberty that this nation was founded upon. We can expect Chris Coons to be nothing but  a yes vote for the radical agenda of the Obama administration.

 This is why I believe that not only will we see the GOP voters come out in record numbers to oppose him. But we will also see independent voters voting for Liberty, by voting against Chris Coons. But more importantly, I feel that we will see common sence fiscal conservative Democrats abandoning this candidate, due to his record in New Castle County and his fealty to the Obama/Reid/Pelosi, agenda.


4 Responses to “What Can We Expect Of Chris Coons In Washington?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank…well said on the Bill Rogers Show a few moments ago at 1432, 9/18/10. Sure you can balance a budget when you raise taxes but you know,EVERY time the local school committee puts out a referendum wanting a tax increase for the chiiiildren, (a Michael Savageism!) my wife and I ALWAYS vote against it. She has children in the local school district and we both think that if we as hard working citizens,we strive to live within our means. A lot of times we may not always make it but we look at where we can cut to make our budget.
    You mentioned that New Castle County is looking at a $73 million dollar shortfall next year? Correct me if I’m wrong,but where did all that tax money go?????
    A friend of mine votes against these school referendums as well. He says if you give them more money,they’ll spend more and come around again asking for more as if the voting public is some sort of ATM machine. He has children in school as well so he knows what’s at stake.
    We say no to Chris Coons and his tax and spend ways. We have to elect people that will be accountable to us,THEIR boss!!
    Go Christine O’Donnell!!!!!!!

  2. Bill Says:

    Frank,I meant to add another comment about our “friend” President Obama.
    I called the Duke Brooks show a few months back saying I wanted to thank President Obama for what he’s done for us.
    For a second, I thought Duke was going to hit the “cancel” button on his soundboard but I went on to explain that President Obama has awakened a sleeping giant.
    I want to thank Obama for his flawed and failing policies. I want to thank him for causing the founding of the Tea Party movement. I want to thank him for the bailout of these entities that were going to fail and in fact they did. I want to thank Obama for showing how incompetent his administration is. I want to thank him for appointing these losers into his administration and show the people we are not going to take this anymore. Thank you,President Obama for awakening the public and realize that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge NOT you!
    Go Christine O’Donnell!!!!

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, the short fall is over the next five years, of $79.6 million.

  4. Bill Says:

    Ok,thanks for correcting that for me ,Frank…it’s still a lot dough! It just shows that tax increases don’t work. You confiscate more money from the pubic and they spend it then want more..

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