Chris Coons On Hardball

 Last night I was channel surfing and came across Chris Coons on the Chris Matthews show, Hardball. As you can imagine there were no hardballs thrown at Mr. Coons. He got questioned more about Christine O’Donnell than he did about his own stand on issues. Like whether or not Mr. Coons was bothered by the fact of Ms. O’Donnell’s record on social issues. Mr. Coons was the consummate politician ans side-stepped the question so as not to contrast his own stand on social issues.

 The really telling question in my opinion, and one that I am sure was  intended to ingratiate Mr. Coons to the national liberal audience was whether or not Mr. Coons would have voted for Pres. Obama’s health care bill. Mr. Coons answered quickly and clearly, “YES!”. He was also asked whether he would have voted for the Finacial Regulations bill pushed through congress by the Pelosi- Reid tag team, and again he said “YES!”. This is a clear indication that Chris Coons will vote for any and all legislation that is backed by Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid in the Senate.

 The question for Delaware voters, be it GOP voters, independent voters or the working class, blue-collar Democrat voters is, can we afford to send another yes vote to Washington to support the failed programs and radical agenda of Pres. Obama? I believe that there are a lot of common sence Democrats out there that understand that we as a nation are on the wrong path economically. I think that people who voted for Pres. Obama in 2008, have realized the mistake that it was, and that they will not make the same mistake by electing another rubber stamp vote, for the radical economic agenda that Pres. Obama and his rubber stamp congress have been forcing upon the nation.

  Lastly Chris Matthews asked Mr. Coons whether he had asked for Mike Castle’s endorsement. Mr. Coons said he had not asked for it, but that he had talked with Mr. Castle the night of the primary loss. He also said he would be talking to Mr. Castle in the coming days and would welcome his endorsement. So it would seem as if a vote for Chris Coons would be not only a vote for more of the Obama agenda, but also possibly a vote for more of the same old entrenched politics that Mr. Castle was so well-known for.

 In the coming days and weeks, I believe that we will get a very clear picture of just who Chris Coons really is. I also feel that the people of Delaware will be informed enough to make the only correct decision in the general election for the future of the state of Delaware and the nation, and that would be to elect Christine O’Donnell as the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Delaware.


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  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,it doesn’t surprise me that Mr Coons is going the way the Democratic Party WANTS him to vote,not what his constituents want. Remember the Angry White Female at the Cheer Center in Georgetown?
    I think it’s telling that Castle voted FOR cap and tax is what did it for me. I mean the AWF personified what us grass roots Americas want in our elected representatives. Not the same old sorry faces that have been there for “centuries!”
    Rush is talking about how Scott Brown was saying that since Castle lost that there is no room for moderate republicans anymore. He, Rush, said they’re surrounded by moderate republicans. Case in point,look at the two gems in Maine. Olympia Snow (RINO) and Susan Collins (RINO)!
    I also heard that some republicans are concerned since the Alaska defeat of Lisa Murkowski by Joe Miller will cost some GOP senators the opportunity to be on certain committees. WHAT??????
    They are not there to be on committees but to serve the public and I believe that’s why there are stunning defeats in several state’s primaries
    Christine O’Donnell notwithstanding.
    I never thought I would be around to see a “real” person run for a high public office. I am sufficiently energized by Ms O’Donnell’s in and I plan to donate again,regrettably not with time but with additional money.
    The fact that her campaign as of 1205, 16 Sep 10,has $950,000 is absolutely fantastic.
    Christine will be facing dirty tricks and false accusations from the opposing party but that’s to be expected. That’s another thing that infuriates voters when they go after her on social issues as opposed to the REAL issues that really matter!!!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, we also want to remember that Mr. Coons was set up to be a far left opponent to make Mike Castle look moderate. Coons is vulnerable because of it. And thank you for anything you can do for the campaign.

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