Hey! Mike Castle!

  Hey!  I hope that Mr. Castle has been thinking about what it is he will be doing in his retirement. I am confident that Christine O’Donnell can win this GOP primary on Sept. 14 th. The PPP is showing Ms. O’Donnell in the lead(within the margin of error).

  This being said, it is no time for O’Donnell supporters to rest or to take a single vote for granted. If you haven’t signed up to help the campaign, to get out the vote then it’s not too late. Go to http://christine2010.com/ and sign up to make calls tonight and tomorrow. Tell your conservative friends to make sure they vote tomorrow and that they tell their friends. This is the most important vote they may ever make for Delaware and the nation. This one vote could decide the direction of the nation.

  We are now passed trying to persuade people that Mike castle is the liberal that he is. We most likely can’t turn people around who have bought into Mike Castle’s hate filled, mud-slinging campaign against the only true conservative in this race for U.S. Senate. Now all we can do is to assure that we get as many conservative voters as we can to come out and vote for Christine O’Donnell on Tuesday September 14, 2010.

 We can win this ! And send a message to the establishment within the GOP of Delaware that we are not to be ignored !


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