Another Big Endorsement For O’Donnell

  This time it was congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Republican from Minnesota’s 6 th district.


  Rep. Bachmann did a live call in on the Bill Colley show on WGMD to make the endorsement for Christine O’Donnell. A person that Rep. Bachmann said, was exactly the type of leader we needed in Washington. When asked about her colleague in the House, Mike Castle, Rep. Bachmann said that Mr. Castle certainly had a record that speaks for itself.

  All of these conservative endorsements are just confirmation of what Delaware supporters of Ms. O’Doonnell already know. That she is the only conservative in the race for the U.S. Senate seat from Delaware.

 Now it is up to the GOP voters of Delaware to show all of these people from around the nation. The Michele Bachmanns, the Sarah Palins, the Jime DeMints and all of the organization such as the TEA Party Express and the NRA that we can put Christine O’Donnell over the top.

 It’s time to get out the vote. Call your friends, have your friends call their friends. Tell people at work to remember to vote. We have a chance to make history here, don’t let it slip away.


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