How Easy Would It Be ?

  Today we find ourselves nine years removed from that terrible day that has forever changed our nation. 9/11/2001 was a day that affected every American in some way. Many people lost family members, some lost friends. Firemen and police officers lost brothers in service. But we all lost a bit of our innocence.

  It has been nine years and many things have changed. We have changed the way we travel. We have changed the way we look at a package left sitting on a bench. We have changed the way we look at anyone of middle eastern heritage. Some change were for our safety and some were out of fear.

 The thing I remember the most about the time following the attacks of 9/11, were the flags. We saw them everywhere. We used our flag as a rallying point. We held them high as a sign of national pride and unity. We waved them to show the world, that though we had been hurt, we were not down, and that we would not be turned from the path of freedom that our Founding Fathers had set us upon over two hundred years ago.

 In the past nine years we have gone through many changes. We have gone to war on two fronts. We have elected new leaders. We have suffered an economic down turn that has rocked the faith of some in our very system of government.

  So I ask, how easy would it be to forget? How easy would it be to get caught up in our daily lives and forget that this is the day that America was attack in the most cowardly manner known to man? How easy to say, “well that was nine years ago”? How easy to be so involved in the current political races to just say I am too busy to take a moment to remember?

 I could set here and tell you that on this day it is so important to vote for this or that candidate, to protect our freedoms, and it is. But more importantly, we must remember those lost on that faithful day in September 2001. We must mourn for those lost in the attacks and we must show our support of those families left behind.

  Last night I heard a young man speak. His name was Benjamin Smith and he is a former Navy SEAL. This young man told of the reasons why he had joined the service. I listened with pride, to know that there are people like Benjamin who will stand up and defend our freedom and to protect not just our homes and lives, but our very  Liberty. As long as there are young men and women like Benjamin Smith, with the courage to stand up for this nation, then there is reason to believe that we as a nation will never fail.

 So today as you go about your busy day of taking the kids to soccer practice or running to the market, or whatever it is that you have to do. Take a moment to just stop and look around you. Look at all that Liberty affords you. Take a moment to remember all of our fellow Americans who were taken from  us forever, nine years ago. Say a small prayer for the wives, sons and daughters, the mothers and fathers and all of the family and friends that were left behind. Say a prayer for the future of the United States of America.

 Because really, how easy would it be?


3 Responses to “How Easy Would It Be ?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,there is not a day that goes by that I don’t remember what happened on the fateful day, 9/11/01. It’s one of those times like when President Kennedy was assasinated. Yes,I remember where I was and what I was doing. I was 7 years old and it’s something you’ll never forget.
    I do look at things differently as you described. I DO have a greater appreciation for everything this country has.
    I guess maybe we have become a bit more nationalistic and I make no apologies for that. We are tired of getting walked all over and our “leaders” are selling us out to the world. This anniversary of 9/11 should only heighten our feelings for what we have here.
    The rise of the grassroots movements tells tales about the agitation of the voting public. Business as usual will not fly anymore.
    As Michael Savage says “…language,borders,culture…”

  2. Tighmir I. A. Sayles Says:

    Frank, I love this post!!! It’s really crazy because I could imagine that everyone of us old enough to remember knows exactly where and what we were doing when we heard… I was in 4th grade, Mrs. Andrews class at H.O.Brittingham Elementary, all of a sudden she turns the TV on and at first I thought we were watching a movie but everyone was quiet… we watched and the anchor came on and said what was going on… half the class just started screaming… then the Principal gets on the PA system and announces that we were getting out of school at 1PM… my grandmother was there to pick me up and shared the startling news that I will never forget…. So yeah, It’s not easy to forget and on the other hand it’s not that easy to remember either. Some part of me wants to forget what I lost on that day and look forward to what we all have gained as a nation. Because when one of us hurts, we all hurt. From sea to shining sea, not a face was dry on that day… and forever, stained but not shattered, the United States of America is once again, united as one.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Tighmir, thank you. Since I am slightly older than you I have a clearer memmory of that day. But it does my heart good to hear from a young man such as yourself, expressing the feelings that you have. We need young people such as yourself to be the voices of the future. God Bless you.

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