I know I am getting this up a little late, damned pesky paying job.

  Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, has endorsed Christine O’Donnell to be the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware. Ms. O’Donnell is currently in a heated GOP primary to be held on Sept. 14 th against long time politician and liberal Mike Castle.

 This endorsement, that came on the Sean Hannity radio show today is huge for the O’Donnel campaign. In recent days the Castle campaign has done nothing but negative ads. He has been bleeding money that he had hoped to use in the general election against the Democrat. In the past five days I have personally received no less than seven mailers from Mr. Castle. These are large professional mailers. The funny thing is, that they all are exactly the same. They consist of nothing more than a rehash of the Ginger Gibson hit piece from the Wilmington News Journal. This article is quoted numerous times on all of the mailers. Ms. Gibsons by-line is actually visible in one of the mailers. So much for unbiased coverage Ms. Gibson.

  Now back to the Sarah Palin  endorsement. I’m sure that the usual party boot lickers and lap dog media types, oh and the gutter snipes, will say that this means nothing. They will say that, ” just wait until Gov. Palin finds out about all of the “BAGGAGE” that Ms. O’Donell is carrying.

  Well since Gov. Palin is quite familiar with this type of mud digging, I’m sure that her people have vetted Ms. O’Donnell and investigated the charges being made by the Castle campaign and the Delaware GOP. Let us not forget that Gov. Palin suffered the same sort of treatment, during her run for the Vice Presidency, by the Democrats. And then by the McCain people afterwords. Gov. Palin was charged with everything from misuse of her office, to actually being the grandmother of her own child. Of all of the charges brought against the Governor, none were found to be substantiated.

  So, one would assume that the Palin people took a long hard look at Ms. O’Donnell. This could explain the late endorsement. And still the Governor put her seal of approval on the O’Donnell campaign. In my view this should put to rest all of this talk about Ms. O’Donnell’s past financial issues.

 Now of course I don’t expect this endorsement to change the minds of the gutter snipes, lap dog media types or the party boot lickers. They fear Gov. Palin for the exact same reasons they fear Christine O’Donnell. But I do encourage those GOP voters out there who have been undecided about the GOP primary, to be decided on Sept 14 th, to consider this endorsement by Gov. Palin as a game changer. Gov. Palin would not risk her own reputation in a primary endorsement, if she were not 100% sure of the person she was endorsing. Let us not forget that she is still considered one of the front-runners for the presidency in 2012.



  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,I was listening to Bill Colley,yesterday since it’s now 9/11 0002,and he mentioned that the Wilmington Daily Democrat (Bill Colley’s description) made little mention of Christine O’Donnell’s endorsement by Sarah Palin.
    I guess they’re running scared…

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, they are showing their true colors. I personally would not take a free subscription from the News Journal. As for the Castle campaign, I think they badly underestimated the grassroots movement . Bill please don’t forget to vote on Tuesday the 14 th and tell all of your friends to vote. We have won nothing yet except the endorsements. We must now help to put Christine O’Donnell over the top in this primary race and then start all over again in the general election.

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