(REPRINT! from 4/7/2010) Michael N. Castle, “Regular Joe Six-Pack”

     Quite a few of Christine O’Donnell’s critics have attempted to make political hay out of the fact that she doesn’t seem to have a work-a-day job. That some how this lessens her as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. They continue to point to the fact that she doesn’t seem to have a job.

  It would seem to me that if the critics of Ms. O’Donnell are going to throw this particular stone, they might want to make sure that their choice of candidate Mr. Castle isn’t now or has never lived in a glass house.

   The following is Mr. Castle’s bio, from college,his private sector employment record and a list of the political offices he has held.

JD, Georgetown University Law School, 1964
BS, Economics, Hamilton College, 1961.


Professional Experience:
Attorney, Private Practice, 1964
State Prosecutor.

Political Experience:
Representative, United States House of Representatives, 1993-present
Governor, State of Delaware, 1985-1992
Lieutenant Governor, State of Delaware, 1981-1985
Minority Leader, Delaware State Senate, 1976-1977
Senator, Delaware State Senate, 1969-1977
Representative, Delaware State House of Representatives, 1967-1969
Delaware Deputy Attorney General, 1965-1966.

  As you can see , Mr. Castle did slay the dragon as an attorney in private practice for ONE YEAR !!! After that he became Delaware Deputy Attorney General and  he has been a public office holder ever since.

  So it would seem in the eyes of some of Mr. Castle’s supporters, that one year as an attorney setting up your move into public office, some how qualifies you as a regular joe six-pack. Is it any wonder that he can so relate to the needs and trials of the average citizen when voting on things like Cap and Trade and TARP ?

  We all need to ask ourselves do we, at this time really want to send this career politician back to Washington, just as a feather in his political cap ? Do we want to  send someone to the U.S. Senate who has been a part of the problem for forty-five years?

   I say no ! I say that I am more willing to take a chance on an un-known, than I am to risk another second of Mike Castle in public office.


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