I Almost Let Them Win

  I almost allowed the gutter snipes that come to these sites to win. I almost allowed them to distract from the real issues in the up coming GOP primary on Sept. 14th.

  I almost allowed the party boot lickers, who only care about currying favor with the GOP establishment, to drag me down to their level of mud-slinging, instead of staying on message. The message being, that Mike Castle has for far too long been a liberal thorn in the sides of Delaware’s conservative voters.

 I almost allowed the lap dog media to have their way with setting the agenda for discussion.

 Almost, but not quite. I have gone back and re-read some of my research on Mike Castle’s voting record and where he receives most of his donations from. Then it hit me, I remembered what is at stake in this GOP primary on Sept. 14 th, the future.

 So the following four post are reprints of past post. I feel that they give a good overview of who Mike Castle is as a politician.

 Now to all of the usual gutter snipes, lap dog media types, and especially you party boot lickers. Save your usual attempts at redirecting the conversation. Think issues and not you normal, juvenile name calling and insults. Grow the hell up!


One Response to “I Almost Let Them Win”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,they won’t win. We will not let them! We will not stoop to these levels with ridiculous name calling and insults.
    I’m appalled that Mike Castle has come to this in some of his ads. I think it might show a desperate attempt by an entrenched politician that may lose the primary. I did mention in a previous post that Christine O’Donnell won’t resort to this.
    We need to clean house and stop doing things that same old sorry way they’ve been done for years.
    Mr Castle,please stop the negative political ads!

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