The Real Mike Castle

  Well those of us who have been supporting Christine O’Donnell in her campaign for the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate seat from Delaware against entrenched incumbent Mike Castle have been waiting for the real Mike Castle to show up. Well he has.

  O’Donnell supporters have been talking about issues for months. We have been pointing out Mr. Castle’s voting record in his long, long political career. We have listed the votes that we feel have been detrimental to the nation and its citizens.We have talked about his taking of millions of dollars from special interest groups, groups that he is charged with regulating in many cases. I for one have attempted to keep the discussion about issues and policy.

 Of course there have been those from the Castle legion that have, as always attempted to distract from Mr. Castle’s voting record by casting about for some personal tidbit to drag Ms. O’Donnell through the mud with. This I feel is counter productive to a free and open exchange of ideas.

  Now during the past several months, Mr. Castle has been absent from the primary campaign, choosing to ignore his opponent. He has refused to debate her, has actually turned down something like four forums.

  Now with less than two weeks to go before the primary Mr. Castle has begun to run ads touting his congressional achievements. He is telling the voters that he has over his long political career been a champion of lowering taxes. This despite his vote for cap-and-trade that would be the single largest tax increase on the American citizens in history.

 But more importantly , Mr. Castle has put his name and approval on an ad in which he drags up the old accusations about Ms. O’Donnell’s past financial problems.  In the ad the speaker questions Ms. O’Donnell’s ability to be our Senator, due to these past issues. The inference is that anyone who has had financial problem is no longer eligible for elected office.

  It would seem that Mr. Castle’s message is that only millionaires are worthy of elected office. That ordinary people who may have made mistakes or who have ever had troubles in their lives, are less worthy to hold office, than he and his like, the rich lawyers and bankers who contribute so heavily to his campaign.

 I understand that politics is a blood sport. I understand that Mr. Castle is bringing up questions that have been asked by other people in other forums. In fact Mr. Castle’s ad quotes the News Journal article by Ginger Gibson, that was the catalyst for much of this controversy. Mr. Castle quoting Ginger Gibson, is little more than him quoting himself. The News Journal and Ms. Gibson have been Mr. Castle’s lap dogs for some time. Not exactly an un-biased source.

  Mr. Castle is free to use whatever tactics he chooses to mislead the voters of Delaware about who he is and who he would have you believe Ms. O’Donnell is. But something to remember, while Mr. Castle and his hand maidens are out there slinging mud, Christine O’Donnell and her supporters have been and will continue to talk about the issues. And to ask the question, why won’t Mike Castle debate Christine O’Donnell. Why won’t he stand up like a man and make these accusations to Ms. O’Donnell’s face on a stage where she would have the chance to defend herself against her accuser, and to challenge Mr. Castle on the real issues facing the nation, the one thing that Mike Castle is deathly afraid of having to do.

  I will close by saying that I still have faith in the conservative voters of Delaware. That they have the ability to sift through all of the chaff that the Castle legion is throwing into the air, in an attempt to distract and mislead the voters. I encourage everyone to look at the voting record of Mike Castle and to decide this primary race based on the issues.


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