O’Donnell Press Release !

For Immediate Release

September 3, 2010

O’Donnell Denounces Mudslinging, Challenges Castle to take the High Road

WILMINGTON, DE – On Thursday, September 2nd, Christine made the following statement to a crowd of over 200 supporters, in response to that day’s News Journal’s comment on the Liberty.com video release of Mike Castle:

“I do not endorse the video released by Liberty.com or that kind of mudslinging, as it is an insult to his very classy wife, Jane. I’m asking all of my supporters not to go down that route. We challenge Mike Castle to publicly denounce Delaware GOP Chairman Tom Ross’ accusations and ask all of the Delaware State Republican Committee to stop the thug politics.

From here on out, it should be about the stark contrast between our stances on the issues and let the voters decide based on our positions. Not only is it the high road for Mike Castle to take, it would be politically expedient. His personal attacks have caused my supporters to rally to my defense. We have received more donations in the past 3 days than the sum total of the past 3 weeks.”


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