Mike Castle Has Finally Convinced Me

  For many years I actually voted for Mike Castle, even though I had serious issues with some of his stands on important issues for me. Such as abortion and embryonic stem cell research. I held my nose and voted for him anyway.

  Then the TARP vote came up right before the 2008 election and he voted for it, and still with my own misgivings I voted for him. Then of course came the straw that broke the camels back, cap-and-trade. I decided I had voted for him for the last time.

  When he announced that he would run for the Senate I went to work researching his voting record and his list of contributors. I was looking for reasons for myself and others not to vote for him. I found plenty, from his long list of voting with the Democrats on big issues like TARP, cash for clunkers, voted against the surge in Iraq, voted for and sponsored the disclose act, voted for the second stimulus act, voted to federally fund embryonic stem cell research, and the list goes on and on.  I also uncovered the fact that he receives millions of dollars over the years from high-priced corporate law firms, firms who make their living on restructuring corporations after bankruptcies, he also has received millions from banking interest that have received TARP funding and other bailout funds.                        I also discovered that you may not actually be able to believe what he tells you. He has said that he will not vote for cap-and-trade in the Senate if elected. Personally I don’t believe him, I think he will most definitely vote for some form of carbon  taxing.

  Even so, with all of this, I have to admit that at times, like any big decision in life, and I do consider voting a big decision, I had to wonder. Was I doing the right thing in opposing Mike Castle.

  Well, I can now say that Mike Castle has convinced me. I am doing the right thing in opposing Mike Castle.

  Currently Mr. Castle’s campaign is running what can only be described as a smear campaign. He is doing it with the help of that shining star of  journalistic integrity, The Wilmington News Journal. The News Journal’s Ginger Gibson writes the garbage and then the Castle’ campaign quotes it as gospel.  Mike Castle is attacking Christine O’Donnell in the only way he can, he is attacking her character. He is saying that because she has had financial problems, that this proves she can’t be a good senator.

  I would say that Mr. Castle’s voting record and conflict of interest, prove that he can’ t be a good senator.

  I ask those who are still undecided, for it matters little now to talk to those Castle legionnaires who have made up their minds, that the undecided ask themselves this question. Have I ever done something that I wish I hadn’t? Did I make a mistake?

  Think about what the Castle campaign and the legion are talking about. They are talking about what happened two or more years ago. They are not accusing her of something she did yesterday. Why ? Could it be that this young woman has learned from her previous mistakes? Could it be she has a better campaign staff this time? Could it be that the Castle campaign is feeling the heat from just two points back and has become desperate?

 How many average citizens out there have lost their house due to bad money management? How many students “never” paid their student loans back? As for the campaign workers and vendors not being paid, well there is reason to believe that this is due to the lack of receipts and invoices on the part of the staff and vendors.

 My point is that many , many average citizens have struggled to get by. Some have experienced the exact same set backs as has Ms. O’Donnell. Do we tell them that they are not eligible to run for office? I know of one local man who had multiple bankruptcies and still ran for office, and though I opposed him later on issues, I defended him against attacks that said he should not be running.

  So when we vote in the GOP Delaware primary on Sept. 14 th, we must ask ourselves, will we vote for a man who is currently running a smear campaign while refusing to debate, a man who has consciously worked to restrict individual freedoms, who would, if elected to the senate, vote for the highest tax increase in the history of this nation, in the form of carbon taxing, while living the good life on the contributions from his special interest donors? Or do we vote for a person who made some mistakes along the way, just like the rest of us average citizens, but who understands that we must return to our founding principles.

  So I want to thank Mike Castle for finally convincing me that I have been right all along, I will vote for Christine O’Donnell, because I believe that not only is she the better candidate, I believe she is the better person.

3 Responses to “Mike Castle Has Finally Convinced Me”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank I am surprised that Mike Castle will stoop to the level of mudslinging that’s occurring right now. I think the public is fed up on smear campaigns because I certainly am.
    These politicians that resort to this seem to have run out of ideas or don’t have enough to say what they have done or plan to do if elected and start putting the “other guy” down.
    I don’t know of ANY perfect candidate or person that walks this earth. I don’t see what Christine O’Donnell’s personal finance has anything to do with an election or her ability to serve as our next senator.
    Yes, I have voted for Mike Castle in the past as well. As far as holding my nose in the election booth? I did that as well when I voted for John McCain who I knew was defeated even before the election was over.
    As you say, the proverbial “straw the broke the camel’s back” was when Castle voted for cap and tax even though his constituents wanted him to vote against it. That proved an arrogance beyond belief that these people in Washington work for us despite what they think.

  2. Todd Mumford Says:


    I posted this quote from Albert Einstein on my Facebook page..

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result.”

    Isn’t that what sending Castle back is…insanity

    This is so important in this election…how can we expect change in Washington, if we don’t change who we send there.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Bill as always thank you, and Todd I can’t argue with the truth.

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