Oval Office

 Pres. Obama in his second Oval Office speech announced to the nation that the formal combat mission in Iraq has ended.

  For seventeen minutes the president told us about how the troops preformed every task that they were asked to. Which they did. He spoke of their sacrifice and that of their families,and God bless them for it. He talked about the cost of that sacrifice. He spoke of the monetary cost of fighting the war. He even praised former Pres. Bush for his support of the troops and his love of country.

 But Pres. Obama never once used the word success or victory. He did not take the time to explain the larger goals of going into Iraq in the first place. He didn’t tell the people of the nation whether those goals have been met, only that we are pulling our troops out.

  To me, if we do not clearly define this war as being a success or that we have achieved victory, then our enemies can. We allow the radical Islamist to say that we have pulled out because, like Vietnam, we have lost the political will to finish.

 I happen to think that Iraq has been a success. We have removed a tyrant from his throne, we have set a democracy on the path of freedom and given the people of Iraq the chance for self governance. It would have been nice if the President had said so.

 Pres. Obama then went on to talk about Afghanistan and the economy. I believe that this president sees the war on terrorism as a distraction from his domestic agenda, which is the complete overhaul of our capitalist system.

  I give the President high marks for his honoring of the troops and their families, but for his total lack of defining the reasons for being there in the first place, I give his Oval Office speech a D – at best. Oval office speeches are usually used to communicate a great tragedy or to tell the American people, that the president intends on taking the nation in a new direction. President Obama did neither of these things in my opinion.


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