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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

September 29, 2010

 “Team Christine ” would like to invite anyone interested in volunteering to help elect Christine O’Donnell as Delaware’s next U.S. Senator, to join the team for a “Volunteer Appreciation Dinner” and planning session.

 This will be held at the Abundant Life Church in Georgetown , De. The address is : 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown De. 19947.  The date and time are Thursday  9/30/2010 between 5:30 pm  and 7:30pm.

  All those interested in helping are encouraged to go to  and sign up on the “get involved” page and let the campaign know how you can help.

 I hope to see you there. Thank you.


Fighting The Establishment

September 29, 2010

   It doesn’t take a political scientist to know that this is one of the most exciting and important election cycles in a very long time.

   We are witnessing a real shift in American politics. Many will attribute this shift to the TEA movement. But personally I think that we all have Pres. Obama to thank for the political mood of the nation. It is because of Pres. Obama’s radical leftist agenda that so many ordinary citizens have become involved in the TEA movement. Be it through actually becoming a member or by just agreeing with it.

  This mood transcends party lines. This is not a Republican movement, nor is it a Democrat or independent movement. What it is, in my opinion is a ground swell against the political establishment of both of the major parties,and the ruling class in Washington. The citizens of this nation are rising up in political outrage at the total lack of leadership within the political establishment.

  The American citizens in large part are saying that they will no longer stand on the sidelines and be told what to do. They will no longer be sheep to be led around by party bosses or elected officials. The TEA movement has grown out of a core of citizens who respect and honor our nation’s founding principles and values. Through their outspokenness, they have inspired others to take an interest in these issues. And as more people have rediscovered those founding principles, they have also rediscovered the ability to express their own views through political activism.

  Of course those whom the TEA movement oppose will tell you that the TEA movement is little more than a radical right-wing hodgepodge of  ideologies. And to a certain extent this is true. But the one factor that holds the movement together is the love of Liberty. The people who have become involved in the TEA movement, are for the most part involved because they feel that the current path that the nation is on, is destructive. They feel that the government has become to intrusive in our personal lives, that it has become to big to sustain itself, or to provide even those services that it was originally intended to provide.

 Of course let us not forget exactly what the original meaning of the “TEA” label stood for, ” Taxed Enough Already”. Like our Founding Fathers, the TEA movement founders had reached a point at which they felt that the government on all levels had become non-responsive to the people’s true feeling on issues. Take the health care issue. Even though something like seventy percent of the nation’s citizens were against it, the Obama administration, with the aid of Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid pushed it through. This is governing “AGAINST” the will of the people. The people will not long suffer this behavior.

 What we are seeing in the TEA movement is a diverse group of people coming together in a common cause. That cause is to send a message to our elected officials that they serve at the pleasure of the people. And if they become un-responsive to the will of the people, if they displeasure the people, then they will be removed from office and replaced with people who understand their place in the political scheme of things. And let it be clear, if the replacements fall prey to the seduction of power, they too can be removed.

  As a life long citizen, of the state of Delaware, I am proud to have witnessed and to have been a small part of this movement in Delaware. In recent months here in Delaware we watched as a grass-roots movement grew into a turn out for a primary of historic proportions. The voters of the GOP spoke loudly and clearly, that they would not support the establishment any longer. We saw the two GOP hand-picked candidates for the U.S. House and Senate defeated in the GOP primary.  Not because they were bad people, not because of things in their personal past. But because they did not represent the mood or the will of the people. They were seen and rightly so, as the establishment candidates. One had been in politics since 1965 and the other was had picked due to her long time record of donating to the party.

  These two establishment candidates were selected by the party with no real input from the rank and file voters. That is why in this current political mood they were replaced by the people’s choices, in the primary process.

  We now have Glen Urquhart running for the U.S. House of Representatives and Christine O’Donnell running for the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware. Both of these people represent the people’s will. They were chosen by the people. They are both citizen candidates. They have both stated that they hold our founding principles and values in high regard and that they will govern by the will of the people.

  So it would seem as if the GOP voters have been at the vanguard of the TEA movement in the state of Delaware. But this does not mean that it is strictly a GOP movement. It is not, it is a people’s movement. Now that the GOP voters of the state of Delaware have selected citizen candidates, it is time for all the citizens of Delaware to rally around them. The battle against the political establishment does not end here. We must as citizens of all parties continue the battle to defeat the establishment candidates.

 We must now look towards the Democrat party’s choices for these two seats. running against Glen Urquhart for the U.S. House is former Lt. Governor of Delaware, John Carney. Mr. Carney was a part of the Minner Administration, which may go down as the most hated administrations in Delaware history. Mr. Carney is the heir apparent of the Democrat party to fill the seat currently held by Rep. Mike Castle(R-De). Mr. Carney is another in the long line of “whose turn is it ” candidates. He would be just another Democrat vote in the U.S. House that would have no allegiance to the people.

  In the race to be the next U.S. Senator from Delaware we have another Democrat establishment hand-picked candidate, Chris Coons, running against Christine O’Donnell. Mr. Coons is currently the New Castle County Executive and former council member. During his time with the council he has been instrumental in raising the taxes of the citizens of New Castle County. And even with the increase in taxes, has managed to keep the county in the red. Mr. Coons has made some statements that can only lead one to believe that he would be little more than a rubber stamp for the Obama administration’s agenda. An agenda that is completely contradictory to the values and principles of our Founders.

  I have focussed on these two races because I believe that the mood that is driving the voters of the state in these races will filter down the tickets.

  So now let me say to my fellow citizens of Delaware. These elections are not about Republican against Democrat. They are not about who holds the most seats in congress, though that is important. What these race are about, and must be about, is the direction of the nation as a whole. Will we continue down the path that Pres. Obama and his handmaidens in congress are currently leading us down? Or will we as citizens say, “ENOUGH” !

  I am calling on Republicans, Democrats and independent voters to join your fellow citizens in sending a message to the establishment of both parties, that you will no longer be ruled over by those whom you have elected. That you will demand that your voice be heard and heeded.

  The voters of the Delaware GOP began this battle against the establishment by ousting the establishment candidates of that party. Now it will take voters of all affiliations to defeat the Democrat establishment candidates. And in so doing, we as citizens of the state of Delaware, will send Christine O’Donnell and Glen Urquhart to Washington to fight for us against the Washington establishment. Let the citizens of Delaware show the way, let us hold dear the Founding principles and values that this great nation was built upon. Let our voices ring clear, that no longer will we allow our Liberty to be infringed upon by those who are charged with protecting it.

What’s In Chris Coons’ Past ?

September 25, 2010

   In the near future there is the possibility that a revelation about something in the past of the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware, Chris Coons,  will be forthcoming. As of right now it has not been made public.

  Since I have been unable to substantiate the validity of the story at this time, let me make it clear that this is strictly conjecture. But if it is found to be true, it could likely be a game changing event in the campaign. I base this on the fact of how the stories concerning the past of Christine O’Donnell have been treated in the press in recent days.

  I can only assume that those who have shown such concern about the character of Ms. O’Donnell based on the stories released about her youthful indiscretions, will surely feel as concerned about those of Mr. Coons.

  I have in the past said that we should look past these youthful flights of fancy in the case of Ms. O’Donnell, and I would extend this same attitude to Mr. Coons. But it will be up to the voters in both cases to decide whether or not these steps outside the norm will be forgiven.

  If the revelation of Mr. Coons’ “dabbling” is true, then it will make his “bearded Marxist” statement seem pale in comparison.

  Now I must warn readers with weak stomachs that they may want to stop reading right now. I also hope that this will not offend anyone or violate any rules of decorum.

  It seems that while in elementary school, there is the real possibility that Mr. Coons, as a student, may have ingested an adhesive material. Now I know that this will come as a shock for many of his supporters. They may want to say that many children have done the same thing at that tender age. But in light of the treatment that Ms. O’Donnell has received for her behavior in highschool, I think that if the story proves to be true, we must ask the question. Can we afford to send a paste eater to Washington as our Senator?

 I feel that if we must hold Christine O’Donnell accountable for her youthful indiscretions, then Mr. Coons should also be held to the same standards. I hope that all will take this posting in the way it was intended.

Chivalry And Principles Are Alive And Well

September 24, 2010

The Difference In Delaware

September 24, 2010

  Lately here in Delaware there has been a lot of discussion about phrases  like marxist, socialist, fascist, liberal, conservative and so on.

  This is due in large part to the statement by the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate Chris Coons in which he describes himself as a “bearded Marxist”. These were his own words used to describe himself after returning from Africa. This statement has prompted many to question just what kind of Senator he would be if elected to the United States Senate. Would he be a Senator that would respect and honor our founding principles of individual Liberty and up hold our capitalist system? Or would he be a Senator that would work hand in hand with Pres. Obama to forever change our nation into something resembling the old Soviet Union?

  The use of the words marxist and socialist seems to offend some people. Some of these people who are offended actually espouse many  tenets of Marxism and socialism, yet do not want them to be attributed to Marxist ideals. I find this to be disingenuous at best and out-and-out deceitfulness at worst.

  Mr. Coons in his youth seems to have been honest enough to be able to articulate exactly how he felt about who he was as a person. He also was honest enough to make the statement that the idea that America was a land of opportunity was a myth.

 But let us discuss the real choice that Delaware voters will be making in November when they decide who their next U.S. Senator will be, Chris Coons or the Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell.

 In November we the Delaware voters will be asked to decide whether we will support a candidate like Ms. O’Donnell who has told us that she will go to Washington as a Senator who will support the Constitution and our founding principles. That she believes in the power of freedom. The she intends to insure that we as a nation move back towards those principles that have served our nation so well.

 Ms. O’Donnell has said that she believes that the real strength of the United States of America is the citizens of the nation. That it is the individual that creates the growth of our economy. That it is the freedom to decide our own paths that allow us to think outside the box and leads to the innovations that will solve our energy needs, that will create new jobs, that will allow our children and grandchildren to have a better standard of living then we do.

 Ms. O’Donnell  seems to understand that it is through less government regulation that America will move forward and will once again take its rightful place as the beacon of Liberty. That it is through lower taxes that we will reduce our debt. That through less spending we will reduce the deficit. That through less government we will attain the Liberty that our Founding Fathers promised us in those precious documents, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

  Mr. Coons on the other hand seems to believe,as does Pres. Obama that we must have more government regulation. That the federal government must take on more and more responsibility for the individual. Mr. Coons seems to think that we the people are incapable of making decisions for ourselves. That the government should decide what kind of health care will serve us best. Mr. Coons thinks that it is he as a Senator that is best suited to decide where our money should be spent.

 It would seem from Mr. Coons’ history as a New Castle County Council member and as the Council Executive that he believes the best way to get out of a deficit is to spend more of the tax payers money. And that the best way to reduce debt is to raise taxes 43% over a three-year period. Both of which was done on his watch. Both of which has failed to produce the desired results. And yet Mr. Coons is asking the people of Delaware to send him to Washington to continue the same things on a larger scale in cooperation with Pres. Obama and Sen. Harry Reid.

  Mr. Coons has stated that he would have voted for Obama care. Ms. O’Donnell has said she will work to repeal Obama care.

  Mr. Coons has said that he is in favor of cap-and-trade. Ms. O’Donnell has said that she understands that any form of carbon tax would be the highest tax increase on every citizen that this nation has ever known.

  Mr. Coons believes as does Pres. Obama that the stimulus has worked and that the government needs only to spend more of our money to put us on the road to recovery. Ms. O’Donnell understands that the stimulus has failed and that to spend more tax dollars in this way would only add to the debt that our grandchildren will pay for. Ms. O’Donnell understands that to stimulate the nation’s economy, we must allow those who will invest to keep the money they earn. That to spark an economic recovery we must allow the middle class to keep the money they earn, so that they will be able to purchase products and services.

 What this election truly comes down to is not whether you are a Democrat or a Republican or an independent. What we all must decide in this election is whether we believe in ourselves, or whether we believe that we should depend on government to run our lives. Will we hold ourselves responsible for the decisions we make as individuals, or will we forfeit our Liberty for the false security of government oversight of the most basic of life’s daily decisions?

  This election will force us to decide between a candidate such as Mr. Coons who believes that he and the government are the solution to our problems.That we should turn over our lives to government and its agents and forever concede our Liberty. Or we can support a candidate such as Christine O’Donnell who understands that our individual Liberty is best protected by allowing us to exercise that Liberty. That it is through our freedom to decide our own path, that we will be able to, as a nation, move forward. 

 So as Delaware voters go to the polling places in November they will have but one real choice when deciding on their next U.S. Senator. Will they vote for more government with Chris Coons, or will they vote for Liberty with Christine O’Donnell ? That is the difference in Delaware.

Buying Votes ?

September 23, 2010

 I am sure that it is nothing new. And I am sure that both parties have done it in the past. But at a time , when our national economy is in such desperate times, should the President be using Federal dollars to influence congressional races around the country?

  It seems that Pres. Obama may be funneling Federal stimulus money into states and districts that Democrat candidates are running behind in the polls in an attempt to change the outcome of those races. This in a year when most projections are showing big losses for the Democrats in congress.

 One example is in Washington state. The race between, Sen. Patty Murray(D-Wash.) and her Republican challenger, businessman Dino Rossi. It seems that the time was right for Pres. Obama to send his Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to Seattle with $30 million for a road project.

 Sec. LaHood didn’t just hand deliver the grant to the state of Washington. No, they held an event where he told those gathered that this money would not have been possible without the hard work of Sen. Murray who was also in attendance.,

 If this is not a clear example of buying votes by using federal money, well I just don’t know what is.

 Let me first say I am against earmarks to begin with. Those Federal dollars first had to come from the state and local level to begin with. But this type of blatant use of tax dollars is an insult to every American working just to make ends meet. It also demonstrates to what lengths, Pres. Obama and those who would support him in congress, will go to retain their power. Pres. Obama is using our tax dollars as a campaign fund for Democrats who are vulnerable due to their records. The question is how many working citizens will see through this, and vote those in power, out of power.

How To Dumb Down A Campaign

September 21, 2010

  Well it is just a week since Christine O’Donnell defeated Mike Castle to become the people’s nominated GOP candidate, for the U.S. Senate from Delaware.

  Ms. O’Donnell was successful in her campaign to defeat  Mr. Castle, despite his use of personal attacks. Ms. O’Donnell and her campaign focussed on the issues facing the nation such as unemployment and the economy.

  Now that Ms. O’Donnell is facing the Democrat, Chris Coons, it seems as if Mr. Coons has decided to use the exact same playbook that lead to Mr. Castle’s defeat. Mr. Coons and the Democrats have launched their attacks on Ms. O’Donnell using the same stories that have been refuted by Ms. O’Donnell time and time again. Mr. Coons and the Democrats are being aided in these attacks by their willing accomplices in the liberal media.

  The latest attack involves a statement by Ms. O’Donnell, that while in high school she “dabbled ” in witchcraft. REALLY?

  So at a time in our nations history, when we are facing historic deficits and debt. When unemployment is hovering around ten percent. When the debate over whether to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire and raise taxes on all Americans is raging. When Obama care is set to be implemented, leading to even more national debt, not to mention the loss of individual Liberties. While all of this is taking place in the halls of congress, what the Democrats and the liberal media want you to focus on, is a statement made by a candidate, about something that happened in high school, twenty some years ago.

  The Democrats and Mr. Coons would gladly keep the focus on Ms. O’Donnell’s distant past, rather than the issues. They would rather sling the dried mud that Mike Castle has already thrown around, instead of talking about the rising cost of energy that would result from cap-and-trade. Instead of talking about the need to repeal Obama care. They certainly don’t want to talk about how Chris Coons would be a rubber stamp for every part of the Reid /Pelosi agenda if he were elected to the Senate.

  The last thing that Mr. Coons wants to talk about, is Mr. Coons. Chris Coons is the New Castle County Executive. Under his watch the county has raised taxes 43% in three years. And even with these massive tax increases the county is running in deficit. It is estimated to reach 79.6 million by 2015. This is due to Mr. Coons tax and spend theory of government. A theory I might add that he shares with Pres. Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has described Mr. Coons as his “PET”.

  So again, while we are face with national issues with far-reaching consequences, Mr. Coons and the Democrats want to do no more in this campaign than to attack their opponent personally. They say it is a question of character. I say it is a question of them being afraid to address the issues in the public forum.

  I say to all Delaware voters, not just Republicans, but to Democrats and independents, demand more from Mr. Coons and his Democrat allies. Demand that the media do more than just echo the talking points put out by the Coons’ campaign.

 This election cycle is unique, in that more people are engaged. More people are following along. More people are getting involved in campaigns. More people are asking the tough questions. This means that the people are more informed than they have been in a very long time. This also means that the people are tired of the sort of campaigning that the Democrats and Mr. Coons are currently running.

  Either Mr. Coons believes that the voters of Delaware are stupid and can be distracted from the real issues by innuendo. Or he knows that he can’t win against Ms. O’Donnell if the debate is about the issues facing the nation and its citizens. I happen to believe that it is both.

 So now that we are forty-one days away from the general election, the voters of Delaware must ask themselves this question. Will the voters settle for politics as usual? Will the voters allow Mr. Coons to distract and mislead the voters with personal attacks on his opponent? Or will the voters demand that Mr. Coons face the real issues, that are facing the citizens of Delaware ?

 I would hope that the media would hold Mr. Coons just as accountable for his past as they seem to be interested in holding Ms. O’Donnell for her’s. Mr. Coons has described himself as a marxist. Now since Marxism is a form of government, one that is the opposite of our founding principles, is it not relevent to discuss Mr. Coons’ feeling about Marxism? Where are the hard-hitting Dan Gaffney interviews with Mr. Coons about this?

  We as voters cannot allow the Democrats, Mr. Coons and the media to dumb down this campaign. We should be insulted that they think that they can distract us from the real issues with little more than rumor and innuendo. I believe that the voters of Delaware will see through this ploy of the Coons campaign and will hear the message that Ms. O’Donnell is carrying. A message of the greatness of the United States of America. A message of our founding principles. A message that says that we are all capable of success on our own, if only government would take a step aside and allow the engine of freedom to move the nation forward.

What Can We Expect Of Chris Coons In Washington?

September 18, 2010

  With Pres. Obama and his submissive congress, led by Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, working to destroy the founding principles of the nation, through their acts of socializing health care. By their acts of nationalizing the banking industry. By their acts of taking over the auto industry. Their ongoing attempts to destroy the energy sector. What could we expect of Chris Coons if he were to be elected to the U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware?

  First we must take into account the statement of Sen. Reid in which Sen. Reid called Mr. Coons his “pet”. This would lead us to believe that their have already been some discussions between Mr. Coons and Sen. Reid about policy. Not unusual for a candidate to be felt out by the majority leader I’m sure. But the statement makes a case that Mr. Coons will be a rubber stamp for any policy coming from the Democrats and especially from the White House.

 We must also take into consideration Mr. Coons own statement from years past in which he wrote about himself as a “bearded marxist”. Not something that would give comfort to even the moderates of the Democrat party I would think, let alone the fiscal conservative of that party. Our founding principles in this nation are based upon individual Liberty and the capitalist system of economics. Someone who sees themself as a marxist would be completely opposed to our founding principles.

 So again, what could we expect of Chris Coons if elected to the U.S. Senate? Well since he seems to be in lock step with Sen. Reid and since Sen. Reid is subservient to Pres. Obama, I guess we could expect more of the same that we have been getting from the Democrats already there.

  If we look at Mr. Coons recent record as New Castle County Executive and the state of that county’s affairs, I believe we see that he has been working on his resume .With Pres. Obama and the Pelosi/Reid team in congress, we have seen the national debt and deficit sky-rocket along with the spending. Pres. Obama sees no problem with creating more and more entitlements, be they  nationalized health care or unending extensions of unemployment. And while doing this, he makes no cuts in spending to pay for the increases.

  What is Pres. Obama’s answer for the spiralling debt? Well tax increases of course. He and his “PETS” in congress would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, which would raise taxes on the very people most likely to invest and expand the economy.

  So what can we expect of Mr. Coons if elected? Let us look at New Castle County.
Checking the projected cash flow it appears that with a 17.5% then a 25% tax increase, they are projecting to be in the red significantly in the future.  Also note that they are not reining in expenditures.

   As we can see Mr. Coons is of a like mind as that of Pres. Obama. He has been in charge of New Castle County and has overseen a tax increase of 43% in three years. Though the county has done nothing to cut expenditures. As we can see the county under Mr. Coons’ watch has only been able to make ends meet by raising taxes. But due to the increases in spending that they are projecting, they are still destined to fall short in their revenue generation by the amount of $76.9 million in the period of 2011-2015. The numbers show that New Castle County today projects to spend more for the next five years. They also realize at the current revenue projections that they cannot cover those cost.

  So what has been Mr. Coons’ theory during his time with the New Castle County Council? Well it would seem to have been, “TAX AND SPEND!” , the same as that of Pres. Obama and the Pelosi/Reid congress.

 So I believe that by looking at Mr. Coons’  history within the New Castle County Council, we can see exactly what we can expect of Chris Coons in Washington. We can expect more of the tax and spend agenda that Pres. Obama has made the hallmark of his administration. I feel we can expect Chris Coons to be true to his self-evaluation as a “bearded marxist”.  I believe we can expect him to work side by side with Sen. Reid, just as we would expect someone described as a “pet” would, to move the leftist agenda of Pres. Obama along and in so doing tear down the foundation of Liberty that this nation was founded upon. We can expect Chris Coons to be nothing but  a yes vote for the radical agenda of the Obama administration.

 This is why I believe that not only will we see the GOP voters come out in record numbers to oppose him. But we will also see independent voters voting for Liberty, by voting against Chris Coons. But more importantly, I feel that we will see common sence fiscal conservative Democrats abandoning this candidate, due to his record in New Castle County and his fealty to the Obama/Reid/Pelosi, agenda.

Who Supports Chris Coons ?

September 16, 2010

  Well since Christine O’Donnell defeated Mike castle to become the GOP’s, people’s endorsed candidate, I have had to find a new hobby. So instead of going cross-eyed going through Mr. Castle’s campaign funding, I am now going cross-eyed going through the campaign funding of Chris Coons, the Democrat challenger for the U.S. Senate.

 Let me first say that I am not surprised to find similarities between the two.

  The first thing that jumped out at me was the fact that Young, Conaway et al, came in as the third largest contributor to Mr. Coons, with an amount of $22,100 as of the last filing on August 25,2010. Young,Conaway was Mr. Castle’s number one contributor.Young,Conaway is a high-powered law firm that deals in corporate law and the financial sector. They were beaten out on Mr. Coons’ list by ActBlue with an amount of $283,749. ActBlue is a bundling warehouse. They collect funds that are earmarked for specific candidates. You may remember the bundling scandal that included Hillary Clinton that saw one man go to prison. Often these bundling warehouses are fronts for illegal donations, a way to get around donation limits.

  Number two on Mr. Coons list of donors is Skadden, Arps et al, with the amount of $22,800.  The following is directly from their website:

The “Litigation Outlook 2011” survey also noted that Skadden is one of the two most frequently named “securities litigation powerhouse” law firms. The same participants were asked which firms they consider best suited to help them with securities litigation. Skadden was distinguished for, among other strengths, its “ability to get in and talk issues through with clients before lawsuits come to fruition.”

   We have a candidate that has said on the Chris Matthews show Hardball, that he would have voted for FIN-REG bill that has increased the amount of regulations on the banking industry, and in so doing has no doubt increased the need for law firms that deal in securities litigation.  Does this mean that we can expect Mr. Coons to support more legislation that would increase the need of securities litigation law firms? We surely can assume he will be a rubber stamp for the Obama administration if elected to the Senate.

  A little further down the list but quite interesting is Drinker,Biddle & Reath with donations of $7,714 which keeps them in the top twenty. The following is again directly from their website:

  Our prominence today combines a comprehensive range of traditional legal practices with significant national roles in such practices as class action defense, corporate and securities, government relations, health law, intellectual property, insurance, investment management, private equity, bankruptcy, environmental, education and communications.

  The interesting part is again the fact that this law firm is again heavily involved in the financial sector. They seem to be again prominent in the field of corporate  and securities law, along with investment management, bankruptcy, and private equity. Now with Mr. Coons being  a safe bet to be voting in favor of pres. Obama’s agenda, and the fact that Pres. Obama’s agenda is leading the nation to more and more financial problems. Which again will lead to the need for more law firms that handle such issues, I guess these donations could be look upon as an investment in the future of law firms that handle financial issues.

  One might also have some concern about a law firm that handles,“government relations”, contributing to a candidate for the U.S. Senate. A position that would allow the Senator to make decisions that would directly affect the industry that said contributor is a part of. Have we totally lost the concept of conflict of interest?

 This is but a preliminary look at Mr. Coons’ donor list. In the coming days and weeks I will dissect it more. But I am already troubled by the image of a conflict of interest.

Chris Coons On Hardball

September 16, 2010

 Last night I was channel surfing and came across Chris Coons on the Chris Matthews show, Hardball. As you can imagine there were no hardballs thrown at Mr. Coons. He got questioned more about Christine O’Donnell than he did about his own stand on issues. Like whether or not Mr. Coons was bothered by the fact of Ms. O’Donnell’s record on social issues. Mr. Coons was the consummate politician ans side-stepped the question so as not to contrast his own stand on social issues.

 The really telling question in my opinion, and one that I am sure was  intended to ingratiate Mr. Coons to the national liberal audience was whether or not Mr. Coons would have voted for Pres. Obama’s health care bill. Mr. Coons answered quickly and clearly, “YES!”. He was also asked whether he would have voted for the Finacial Regulations bill pushed through congress by the Pelosi- Reid tag team, and again he said “YES!”. This is a clear indication that Chris Coons will vote for any and all legislation that is backed by Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid in the Senate.

 The question for Delaware voters, be it GOP voters, independent voters or the working class, blue-collar Democrat voters is, can we afford to send another yes vote to Washington to support the failed programs and radical agenda of Pres. Obama? I believe that there are a lot of common sence Democrats out there that understand that we as a nation are on the wrong path economically. I think that people who voted for Pres. Obama in 2008, have realized the mistake that it was, and that they will not make the same mistake by electing another rubber stamp vote, for the radical economic agenda that Pres. Obama and his rubber stamp congress have been forcing upon the nation.

  Lastly Chris Matthews asked Mr. Coons whether he had asked for Mike Castle’s endorsement. Mr. Coons said he had not asked for it, but that he had talked with Mr. Castle the night of the primary loss. He also said he would be talking to Mr. Castle in the coming days and would welcome his endorsement. So it would seem as if a vote for Chris Coons would be not only a vote for more of the Obama agenda, but also possibly a vote for more of the same old entrenched politics that Mr. Castle was so well-known for.

 In the coming days and weeks, I believe that we will get a very clear picture of just who Chris Coons really is. I also feel that the people of Delaware will be informed enough to make the only correct decision in the general election for the future of the state of Delaware and the nation, and that would be to elect Christine O’Donnell as the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Delaware.