Mike Castle Cuts Taxes ?

                                                          Mike Castle

  Okay really ? In Rep. Mike Castle’s (R-De) adds he is telling the people of Delaware that he has, over the years been a champion of lower taxes. He list a few of the bills that he voted for that he says lowered the tax burden on Americans, and says he will continue to do so if elected to the Senate.

  Well I won’t dispute the bills that Mr. Castle listed, they are a part of the public record. But I will say that any savings that these votes might have shown, will be offset by, and far surpassed by, the increase tax burden created by a carbon tax.

  Mike Castle, as Delaware’s Representative to the U.S. House, voted for cap-and-trade, this too is a part of the public record. Cap and trade would have put a tax on every producer of  traditional energy, on every producer of any product produce in the United States, on every product transported across the nation.

  Europe has their value added tax or VAT. Mr. Castle and those on the left would like to put into place their own version of the VAT. They would place a tax on carbon output and force the buying of credits. This carbon tax would be passed on to the consumers, it would equate to the highest tax increase on every citizen that this nation has ever known. It would hit the poorest the hardest. 

 Now of course Mr. Castle took some heat for voting for cap-and-trade, and has since vowed not to vote for cap-and-trade again if elected to the Senate. The problem is, I don’t believe him. He is a life time environmentalist, he has voted for higher CAFE standards which cost Americans thousands of dollars more for their cars. He votes in favor of just about every green issue that comes up for a vote. Now we are being asked to believe that the tiger will change his stripes. Well in my world, a tiger is a tiger, and Mike Castle will vote for carbon taxing, be it called cap-and-trade or any other label that the left decides to put on it. You can take that to the bank, Mike Castle surely will.

 Mr. Castle has for a long time been receiving contributions to his campaign from some of the largest banks in the nation. These banks will benefit from a carbon taxing bill, by playing the carbon commodities market. Mr. Castle has also for a very long time been receiving contributions from many large corporate law firms. These firms will benefit from a carbon tax by working for the corporations that would be forced to buy and sell credits.

  The real losers in any carbon tax bill will be the tax payers, the average citizens, the people who will pay the higher cost of everything they buy.

  Thanks Mr. Castle for those lower taxes. Yeah right !

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