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There are a lot of people around the nation who are asking, “what can I do to help stop the Obama agenda?”

  Well first, what is the Obama agenda? In my opinion it is nothing less than an attack on the very fabric of the American society. It would seem as if our current president is intent on dismantling not only our capitalist form of economics, but also our republican form of government.

  He is attempting to do this by first running the nation into debt so deep through spending programs, that we will never be able to pay off the debt. He is creating more and more victim groups, due to his economic agenda, which has lead to the largest economic down turn in my life, once he has created these victims, he and his legion within congress step in and promise to correct the problems they created. They say they will fix the problems by more of the same, more government regulation of just about everything. More government programs, more government jobs. All of which leads only to more debt. This over reliance on government is what will lead us away from our republican form of government.

  To boil down the Obama agenda, it is big government, it is higher taxes, it is to reduce your individual Liberty. Pres. Obama and those who support him want you and your fellow citizens to look to the federal government for all of your needs, from health care to finding a job. The Obama agenda will lead the American people into slavery to government. They wish to bind you in the economic chains that they themselves have forged, as a way to control the citizenry. Pres. Obama and those who support him use what they consider to be subtle means to move their agenda.

  They first create a housing crisis, by passing regulations to force banks to lend to people who could never hope to pay back the loans. In doing this they kneecapped the banking industry. Once the loans began to default and the banks were at risk of failing,then what happened? The very same government that created the problem, steps in to “SOLVE” the problem, by bailing out the banks with programs like TARP . Programs such as TARP and other so called stimulus packages have done little if anything to help the economy, but have done great damage by increasing our national debt to historic highs.

  The government also has over the years, over regulated the health care system, especially the insurance sector. These regulations have directly lead to the high cost of health insurance. So what is the Obama answer to this government created problem? Well to increase the amount of government control on the health care industry, of course ! And who has helped to allow this agenda to be moved forward? Well a willing congress. Either through direct support of the idea of national health care, or by being unwilling to fight to repeal the health care bill passed by the Obama administration.

  There are those within congress that would be happy to do the same thing to our energy industry, that has been done to our banking and health care industries. They have been for years voting to regulate the energy sector, in an attempt to make  it un-profitable. Through environmental laws they hope to force the energy producers into the same type of situation that they forced the banks into. We have seen over the years an all out attack on any industry that produces, be it energy or a product. The latest and in my opinion, the most dangerous attack has been the push for some form of carbon tax.

 Of course most are aware of the “cap and trade ” bill. But don’t get hung up on that title. I really don’t expect the next attempt to pass a carbon tax to be called cap and trade, though it will amount to the same thing. The idea is to charge producers of energy and products a tax on their carbon output. This will put a huge burden on these industries, but more important is the burden it will place on the American citizens. This will equate to the largest single tax ever levied on the American citizens.

  A carcon tax of any kind will force the energy and production sectors to raise the cost of their products, the delivery cost of these products will also increase due to higher cost of fuels. Every item that every citizen buys will increase, and the only winner will be government that is collecting the tax.

  So how do we stave off this Obama agenda? Well the easy answer is to elect someone else President in 2012. But many believe that we can’t wait that long. Many believe that we must act now, or risk missing the opportunity to turn back this rising tide of socialism. That means that we must take full advantage of the upcoming elections in November. We must send people to congress that will not only oppose the Obama agenda, but people who will propose measures to turn this ship around. People who feel that it is worth the effort to fight to repeal Obama-care. People who understand that the best way to turn around our failing economy, is not through more and more government regulations, but by removing many of the existing regulations, that do nothing but impede economic growth. We must have people who understand our greatest advantage in the United States, is our individual Liberty, and who will go to Washington to fight to protect it.

  We can no longer afford the “go along to get along” mentality, the  “reaching across the aisle” thought process has lead us to where we are. It is time to elect people with the courage to not only say no to the big government and special interest groups, but to say “HELL NO”.

  Mike Castle has for many years been one of these “MODERATE” Republicans. He has voted with the Democrats on some very important issues. He has supported Pres. Obama far too many times for my liking and I feel that he cannot be trusted in the U.S. Senate. I feel that to send Mike Castle to the U.S. Senate would only allow him to further support the Obama agenda of bigger government.

  That is why I am encouraging every registered member of the Delaware GOP to come out on September 14 th to vote for Christine O’Donnell in the GOP primary. Please help Christine O’Donnell to become the GOP nominee from the state of Delaware,and to become the next U.S. Senator from the state of Delaware. This race is ever so important not just because it would remove Mike Castle from office, but because this is a special election to fill Joe Biden’s old seat. That means that the winner in November will be sworn in the next day and not the following January.This means that if the ousted Democrats attempt to force through their radical agenda in a lame duck session, the question becomes, who do we want in the U.S. Senate when the next version of cap and trade comes up? Christine O’Donnell who has stated that she would oppose any carbon tax, or Mike Castle, who has a clear history of supporting carbon taxing?

  I encourage everyone to go to Christine’s website and help this candidate in any way you can. And yes it is that important.                                                         


  If you would like to meet and speak with Christine O’Donnell in person, then come out to one of her meet and greets. There is one being held in Sussex County this Sunday August 29th. The meet and greet will be held at,  The Pelican Grill, this is the club restaurant for, The Marsh Island Golf Course . Appetizers will be served. The meet and greet will be held from between 4-6 p.m. The address is,21383 Camp Arrowhead Rd Lewes, De. The phone number is, (302) 945-6620.

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  1. Bill Says:

    Frank! Help! Speaking of attacking the very fabric of our nation, Eric Holder and his ilk are after Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona for enforcing THE LAW!
    According to the Drudge Report,he was given a second ultimatum to comply with the DOJ. Why don’t they investigate themselves? Can we impeach Holder for misfeasence in office???????.
    A law enforcement official elected to office to do what the people want him to do. Something Holder is NOT doing.
    Why did Holder not do anything about the New Black Panther thugs on voter intimidation?
    This Obama Opression,as John Voight said is in full swing. Why is the DOJ allowed to go on a fishing expedition into Sheriff Joe’s office?
    All of a sudden while the tough Arizona immigration law takes effect, they’re trying to destroy a tough governor, Jan Brewer, and Sheriff Joe?
    These people, DOJ, have no shame……
    When will it end? In my lifetime Jimmy Carter was the worst president I can remember but Obama leads this second to none.
    By the way, I have Christine O’Donnell and Glen Urquhart signs in my yard for all to see!

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