My Shortest Post Ever ?

  Okay, it may end up not being my shortest ever, but the message is short and sweet.

  On Sept 14th the Delaware GOP voters will be asked as a voting group, what is it you want for the future of the nation? They will be asked to decide between an unknown future as opposed to a known past.

  They will be asked to decide who will be sent to Washington to represent us in the U.S. Senate.

  We have the choice of a candidate who believes in the founding principles of the Constitution and traditional values. A candidate that will go to D.C. and stand up for those principles and values. That candidate is Christine O’Donnell.

  On the other hand there is a candidate that has a history of ignoring those founding principles and traditional values. A candidate that has shown a tendency, nay a proclivity, for voting in his own best interest or those of his special interest contributors, rather than voting in the best interest of the nation and its people. That candidate is Mike Castle.

 Knowing these facts, the GOP voters must decide on Sept. 14th, in the GOP primary, on a candidate  to run against the Democrat in November,for the Delaware seat in the U.S. Senate.

 I say to my fellow GOP voters the real question to ask one’s self is, who do you believe is the candidate that will go to Washington and put up the greatest effort to stave off the Obama,Pelosi, Reid agenda? Who can the people of Delaware and the nation depend on to fight for those founding principles of the Constitution? Who will stand up for traditional values? Who will be our advocate for smaller government, lower taxes, and individual Liberty? I believe that candidate is Christine O’Donnell.

 If on the other hand you are one of a few members of the GOP that believe that Pres. Obama and Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid are on the right path, and you wish to support their radical leftist agenda, then I suppose Mike Castle looks pretty good to you. His past voting record in the House shows that he prefers to vote with the Democrats on the really big issues. I see no reason to believe that this would change,if he were to be elected to the Senate.

 This is the first time in a very long time that GOP voters of Delaware have been given such a clear choice in a GOP primary, between a true conservative,Christine O’Donnell, and the usual Delaware moderate Republican, Mike Castle.

 I think it is clear that we as citizens of Delaware and the United States can no longer afford to travel the moderate road. In the upcoming lame duck session of congress, we will need a Senator who will have the courage and the conviction of her values and principles to stand up against the radical agenda that the out going Democrats will attempt to foist on the American people. That candidate is Christine O’Donnell.

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