How Far Left Is Mike Castle ?

  Is Delaware’s current At – Large Representative Mike Castle, who is running a no-show GOP primary race, against conservative Christine O’Donnell for the U.S. Senate , on Sept 14th, so far to the left, that he is vulnerable to an attack from his right, by the Democrat Chris Coons?

  Mike Castle, who was named, the most liberal member of the GOP in the House of Representatives, by the National Journal has some very strange voting records, for someone, whose supporters attempt to paint him as a conservative.

 Here are a few stats on Mr. Castle’s voting record on labor issues.

  2009  Representative Castle supported the interests of the AFL-CIO 62 percent in 2009

  2009  Representative Castle supported the interests of the American Federation of Government Employees 46 percent in 2009.

  2009  Representative Castle supported the interests of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers 60 percent in 2009.

 2008  Representative Castle supported the interests of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees 57 percent in 2008.

These are but a sample of Mr. Castle’s ties to organized labor, and here is the best.

 2008  Representative Castle supported the interests of the Service Employees International Union 83 percent in 2008.

 The SEIU has also endorsed Pres. Obama in the past. The SEIU is most likely, one of the most leftist union organizations in existence. The SEIU advocates for amnesty for illegal immigrants among other things. The SEIU organization contributes most of its money to hard left candidates in the Democrat party. It contributes  heavily to state Democrat parties, in 2007-2008 the SEIU donated $8,000 to the Delaware Democratic State Committee. I believe it is fair to say that the SEIU is a Democrat leaning organization.

 And yet, Rep. Castle, who would have you vote for him in the GOP primary on Sept 14th, instead of his conservative opponent Christine O’Donnell, seems quite willing to support this organization’s agenda 83% of the time in 2008.

  But just so you don’t think that this support is not appreciated by the SEIU, since 2000, SEIU has contributed $31,000 to the campaigns of Mike Castle. Now why would such a left leaning organization spend that kind of money on a Republican?

 Let’s make this conversation a slight bit more interesting.

   In the year 2000, Rep. Castle supported the interest of the SEIU  a whopping 0%.  But they donated $5,000 to him anyway, aren’t those leftist so sweet? The following year 2001, Mr. Castle’s support of the SEIU agenda shot up to 25% of the time, coincidence?

  Let us look at the year 2002 where Mr. Castle had another change of heart and only supported the SEIU 10% of the time. But once again out of the goodness of their heart they donated $10,000 to Mr. Castle. And in 2003, that’s right, Mr. Castle’s support of the SEIU went back up to 21%. I just don’t understand this! What could be driving this strange pattern?  In 2004 he supported the SEIU 57% of the time and received$5,000, 2005 25% of the time , 2006 33% of the time and received $5,000, 2007 63% of the time and received $5,000 and of course in 2008 83% of the time and he only received $1000. It would seem as if Mr. Castle has climbed all the way aboard the SEIU funded bus. But maybe they are now holding the big bucks back until he goes all Arlen Spector on them and changes parties. Or maybe they know, what a lot of us know, Mike Castle will lose the GOP primary on Sept. 14th, so why should the SEIU waste their money?

  Mike Castle is so far left, that if he were to win the GOP primary, his Democrat opponent in the general election would be able to run to the right of Mike  Castle.


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