Another TEA party Endorsement For O’Donnell

  Independence Hall TEA Party PAC

For Immediate Release

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Philadelphia (August 18, 2010) — The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, the only federally registered Tea Party political action committee in the tri-state region, announced today that it has endorsed  

Christine O’Donnell for US Senate in the upcoming Delaware Republican Primary (September 14).  

The seat, vacated in 2009 by Vice President-elect Joe Biden, is also being sought by Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE).  Whoever wins the November general election will serve out the remaining years of Biden’s term and will begin serving that term on November 3–thereby voting in the lame duck session of 111th Congress.

“We are confident Christine O’Donnell will beat Mike Castle in the upcoming primary,” said PAC Vice President for Delaware, Kevin Street.  “Christine is a strong grassroots favorite.  While her opponent has the support of establishment types, Christine has the support of the people.” 

In a recent Rasmussen poll, O’Donnell was beating her potential Democratic rival by several points.

“We were extremely impressed with Christine’s ability to articulate her positions on the issues.  Her platform of smaller government, lower taxes, and free enterprise solutions mirrors our own.  She is an extremely gifted communicator who exudes warmth and charisma–that’s why she received a unanimous endorsement at our August board meeting,” said PAC President, Don Adams. 

“Although she won’t be able to match multi-millionaire candidate Mike Castle dollar for dollar, she is beginning to raise serious money.  As our endorsed candidate Anna Little demonstrated in the New Jersey 6th Congressional District Republican Primary, money isn’t always everything–sometimes, grassroots support is.” 

Anna Little, who garnered unanimous Tea Party support, won her New Jersey primary by 84 votes despite being outspent 20-1 by her opponent. 

In primary contests so far, the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, which only endorses congressional candidates, has won 4 out of 4 races in the New Jersey Primary (June 8) and 8 out of 10 races in the Pennsylvania Primary (May 10).

“Our PAC Board endorses the most viable conservative candidates,” said Adams.  “Unfortunately, Mike Castle is not a conservative–in fact, he’s a potential Arlen Specter.”


The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC was formed in February, 2010 to assist federal candidates in the tri-state region (PA, NJ, DE) who share the organization’s commitment to limited government, fiscal responsibility, and lower taxes. The PAC’s website is currently under construction. 


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