Liberty v. Mosque

  Rush Limbaugh and others are attacking anyone who argues the legal right of the Mosque, as being liberals. I personally believe that those who tout their consevative creds., should be defending the right to build this Mosque.

 When we talk about the legal right of the Mosque, without  the emotions, then you must understand that it is not the Mosque that is protected, it is your church, it is your synagogue, your Hindu temple, it is your personal sanctuary at home.

 If we allow this attack on the Constitution by these Muslims, then we will not be defending just the freedom of religion, we will be defending the very Constitution its self.

 We have waited since 9/11 for the next big attack. We expected more attacks with planes. Thank God, they haven’t come.

 Many people have been asking,” why must they build the mosque so close to the site of WTC?” Because this is the next big attack.

 They have killed our fellow citizens making many doubt their country’s ability to protect them, since 9/11. Now they are attacking our form of government. They are saying to the world, does Liberty work?

 By demanding to build on this spot, so close to WTC, they are challenging us to show we believe in our government. If we do not defend the Constitution then we fail. We will  have shown that our system does not work without faith in our government.

 The difference between the radical Muslims and our system is Liberty. We allow people the right to choose. We can have faith in God and country, but we are able to separate the two, the Constitution gives us that right in the First Amendment. If we deny that right to any citizen based on religion, then we deny it to all at some point.  It is the only possible outcome if we block the Mosque, based on religion.

 That is exactly why the Muslims chose this site. This is their next big attack, not on our physical being, not even on our fear, but on the very fabric of our nation. If we allow them to pull at this thread, we allow them to unravel the security blanket that our Constitution was meant to be!

 We can stop this by pushing the thread back in, and saying to them yes, your religion is allowed to be a part of our patch quilt. But if you become a rend in the fabric, by breaking our laws, then you will be “mended” in equal fashion as any citizen would be.

 Rush Limbaugh and his echo chamber of small market talk shows are attempting to use this issue, as leverage against the Democrats in general, and President Obama in particular. And while no one wants, President Obama out of office, or the Democrats out of power, and the moderates of the GOP removed, more than me, we can not sacrifice the security of the Constitution, for the power of office.

 Limbaugh said that “not one thing changes about Islam if this Mosque isn’t built”, about this, he is correct, it would be the United States that would be changed. We would go from a nation of Liberty, to a nation of lawlessness.

 If the founding principles are found to be wanting, then every law that was created, based on these principles, will be found to be wanting also. For if the foundation of our system i.e., the Constitution, is not strong enough, then it will crumble and the house shall fall. For a house built on sand can not stand.

5 Responses to “Liberty v. Mosque”

  1. david michel Says:

    people are stupid

  2. Bill Says:

    Frank, I have just revisited the images and videos of September 11,2001 and I’m absolutely furious about this “mosque” being built two blocks away from where our neighbors and friends died as a result of these Islamo-fascist cowards!
    This is in VERY poor taste and Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement of this is sickening.
    I believe in freedom of religion but public opinion should sway one to think that MAYBE it’s not a good idea to build here. It’s something these people should reconsider to build something to the religion of “peace.”
    There will be demonstrations to this building and rightly so.
    Go back to those terrifying and gut wrenching images of what these cowards did to our brothers and sisters. The images of those jumping and plummeting to their deaths.
    Please, PLEASE don’t forget those that perished in the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon,and in Shanklin,PA. I apologize for the spelling.
    These are open wounds that will NEVER heal. God bless all those souls that perished at the hands of these murderers……….

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, I too share your feeling about those who were murdered on 9/11. I too feel that the muslims wish to build on this site for the very reasons you and others have pointed out. But this should not move us to abandon our founding principles.
    We cannot allow our emotions to over rule, our rule of law. We cannot as conservatives ask government to step in and make laws to restrict this mosque from being built simply based on religion.
    Let me say for the record, that even though I am told by Jesus, not to hate, I do hate those who flew the planes into the buildings on 9/11, but I do not hate all muslims. I hate terrorist of all stripes. We allow the radicals to win if we compromise our system of government. If we force them to build the mosque elsewhere, or block it entirely, they will hold it up to the world as a center piece, that Liberty does not work in the United States.
    So I think we can agree that they have the right to build it, protected by the Constitution. Now the question is, should they? Well if I am right, they want to build it just to test our system, so they will insist on building it at WTC.

  4. Bill Says:

    Frank,I agree with you and I did fail to mention that I,too,do NOT want government stepping into this issue deciding whether or not to let these people build there. They DO have a right under our constitution and I support that right as much as I support the fruitcakes on the left to speak even though I strongly oppose them!!!
    I want the public to let these people know it’s not welcome here and let US,the PEOPLE decide with peaceful protest to build somewhere else.
    I have a strong feeling it won’t be built for it is a slap in the face to the American people to let this happen.
    I won’t label an entire faith based on what Islamo-fascists did on 9/11. I can’t believe all Muslims feel this way and I’m sure they don’t.
    Look at what happened in New York City the other day when a Muslim cab driver was slashed by some nut and seriously injured. THAT is not acceptable and this attacker should be punished to the full extent of the law.
    Frank,isn’t the reason why all these grass root organizations are springing up in peaceful protest to get government out of lives and to take back our government from these career politicians?

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Bill to answer you last question first, yes. Unfortunately, many of the same people who have been screaming about the Constitution and freedom, are some of the same ones who were saying that the city of New York should block the mosque. It showed a total lack of knowledge about the Consitution.
    As for whether this mosque is built on this site or not, in my opinion is of little consequence, when weighed against the attack on our very system of governance. Some people believe that the mosque being built on this site is some sort of slap in the face of the 9/11 victims. It is this, but it is much more to the radical Islamist. They see it as the next attack on our nation, this time a political attack, not a physical one. We defeat this attack by holding true to our principles, not by abandoning them.

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