Is Michele Rollins Defending Her Right ? While Running From Her Left ?

  In an earlier post I put forth the supposition that Michele Rollins may have backed out of her scheduled speaking slot at the Sussex County GOP meeting on Monday the 9th. A slot that had been scheduled for at least a month, and which no notification was made of the change until early Monday morning, by an e-mail blast.

  I have checked the Rollins calendar for that date and find it ambiguous at best. The Sussex meeting was actually scheduled for 12:00am. I have reached out to the Rollins campaign for clarification. I am still waiting.

  The question I am asking is, while Michele Rollins is locked in a primary fight of her own,which recent polling shows her down by seven points, with a candidate that is seen as being more conservative. Is she defending her right from Glen Urquhart, by running from her left, Mike Castle?

  Lets face it, Mike Castle is not someone,  a candidate like Michele Rollins would want to get attached to right now. When she is battling Urquhart on issues over how best to right the listing ship that is our economy, would she really want to be seen with a man who has voted for cap-and-trade, cash for clunkers, and most recently, he was one of only two Republicans to vote for what amounts to the second stimulus package.

  This is the statement he released about that vote,

 “In normal circumstances, individual states have the primary responsibility of maintaining a budget to meet the challenging economic times and I don’t believe that the federal government should be in the habit of closing these gaps. However, I supported this aid package to states at a time of economic hardship in order to preserve vital medical services to the neediest of Americans and prevent layoffs within our education community.  The bill was less than ideal but remained in line with rules to offset the cost of the aid so that American taxpayers are protected from an increase in the federal deficit.”

  WOW! Arlen Spector himself couldn’t  have written a better jewel of moderate waffling. He attempts to have it both ways, as all so-called moderates do, he says he is against it , while voting for it.

 Can anyone blame Mrs. Rollins, if she is running from such statements as this? And if I am wrong, maybe someone should tell her that she should be.

  Is Mike Castle the Pres. Obama of Delaware? Are candidates afraid to cling to his paper-thin coat tails?

 As for myself, I will take a long hard look at any candidate who endorses, or is endorsed by Mike Castle. If you lie down with dogs, you will most likely catch their fleas.


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