Is Michele Rollins Afraid Of Mike Castle ?

   As has been reported earlier, Mike Castle showed up at the monthly Sussex County GOP meeting on Monday night the 9th.

 It was completely unannounced. At least to the average member, which I consider myself.

  What hasn’t been talked about is that Michele Rollins was the scheduled guest speaker. Unfortunately (wink,wink), Ms. Rollins couldn’t make it due to a scheduling conflict. Really? Becuase I seem to remember being told that she was going to be there at the previous months meeting. So having scheduled to be there a month in advance, Ms. Rollins suddenly remembered another event?

 Let me cast my thoughts out there and you decide. Could it be that Mike Castle contacted Sussex County Chair, Ron Sams, and asked to be allowed to speek at the last minute, and could it also be possible that when Michele Rollins heard this that she backed out?

 I think this is exactly what happened. The question then becomes, why?

 Here are a few of my thoughts on it. I think that even Michele Rollins , who has been endorsed by the GOP to run for the U.S. House seat that is currently held by Mike Castle, is afraid to be too closely linked to Mr. Castle’s liberal voting record. I think that Michele Rollins is locked in a primary race of her own against a more conservative candidate Glen Urquhart and can’t risk being tied to the hip of the all-powerful OZ moderate liberal Mike Castle.

  Mr. Castle was there for nothing more than a RA RA speech, it would have been a perfect time to slap Ms. Rollins on the back and tell everyone what a great candidate she was. So why would she back out?

 I believe that this shows that even some of those who would be on the ticket with Mike Castle fear his extremely liberal voting record. The same as Mike Castle himself cannot defend it, neither can other GOP candidates.

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