Is Mike Castle Out Of Touch With The Average Citizen?

   I’ll get back to my question from above in a moment. I had to ask myself this after hearing Mr. Castle speak at the monthly Sussex County GOP meeting in Georgetown Last night.

  First I have to say that I was thunder struck when I walked through the door and saw Mr. Castle.  I could have gone over to speak with him, but since I was wearing  a tee-shirt that identified me as an O’Donnell supporter, I didn’t see much coming from it. Also I may have been in a state of shock since in my admittedly short time of going to the monthly meetings, I had never seen Mr. Castle . I wasn’t sure he even knew that we held them. I don’t believe he even has an office in Sussex.

  Well after the usual, old business, new business, and introductions of any elected officials, committee chairman Ron Sams introduced Mr. Castle to speak.

  Mr. Castle then proceeded to give a speech that may have lasted about five minutes. Now it may have been my imagination, but it seemed to me that Ron was casting a wary eye my way. Since I have been guilty of asking provocative questions of guest speakers in the past, well, I guess I can understand his uneasiness. But not to worry, when the congressman had finished extolling the virtues of being a Republican(from him what a joke), he said he had to go. I kid you not, from the moment he said he had to go and left the podium, it took him less than ten seconds to reach the door. Not a single question was allowed. I would have followed him , but I was afraid Kate might tackle me from behind.

  It would seem that even at a GOP meeting of loyal party members, a place that he should at least feel fairly safe, Mr. Castle realizes that he cannot afford to answer a single question. The fear radiates from him.

 Now to my question of whether Mr. Castle is out of touch with the average citizen. The reason I ask, is because of something he said during his RA RA speech to the meeting.

  At the beginning of the speech he let us know that his being there was merely by chance, you know, ” I happened to be in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by”, yeah right!

  Then he basically went into a whine about having to cut short his summer recess to return to the congress for a special vote to loan states money(more on this later).

 He then made what he assumed was a little joke. He told us that he was actually supposed to be in California raising money(insert chuckle by Mr. Castle), he then said that he was so destitute that he had to walk around with his hand out( insert second chuckle by Mr. Castle).

  I find it telling that he would make such a joke about being hard up(by the way I get that it was sarcasm), that while the nation is in the worst economic times of my lifetime, when unemployment is near ten percent, and while he has nearly four million dollars in his war chest, that he would think this funny.

 To me this demonstrates his total disconnect from the average citizen’s plight and concerns. It says to me that he has no real understanding of, or compassion for, the hardships that Americans are going through. It says to me that he is far to insulated from the real world, that he has been inside  the beltway so long that if he ever knew,which I doubt, he has forgotten what it means to struggle.

 I have to assume that to him a struggle is having to talk to the same Wilmington lawyer for an hour to convince the lawyer to contribute the maximum amount to the Castle for Senate campaign.

 It is this attitude of being above the rest of us that demonstrates the need for citizen candidates, instead of career politicians. Career politicians that have become rich from the special interest money poured into their coffers by the very industries that the elected officials are charged with regulating, in the hope to curry favor from the ruling class elitist.

 I believe that on Sept 14th we have the real opportunity to change this.


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  1. Puppyface Says:

    I have NO respect for Castle, his concubines or RON SAMS.

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