Come Out And Meet Christine O’Donnell

                                          AUGUST 29,2010

   Anyone interested in meeting, GOP candidate, Christine O’Donnell, who is running a campaign against career politician Mike Castle, for the GOP nomination, to be Delaware’s next U.S. Senator, in the Sept 14th GOP primary, should make plans to come out on August 29th. The meet and greet will be held at,  The Pelican Grill, this is the club restaurant for, The Marsh Island Golf Course . Appetizers will be served. The meet and greet will be held from between 4-6 p.m. The address is,21383 Camp Arrowhead Rd Lewes, De. The phone number is, (302) 945-6620.

  This is a great chance for those of you who have never had a chance to talk with Christine O’Donnell, to come out and ask her questions and hear her unique conservative message. This event is open to all. If you are a registered member of the GOP, and are as of yet unsure who you support, come out and be convinced. If you are not registered to vote, do so right now. You have until August 21st to register as a member of the GOP to be able to vote in the Sept. 14th GOP primary. And come out to The Pelican Grill and be convinced that Christine O’Donnell is the only choice to be Delaware’s next U.S. Senator. If you are an independent voter, well you can’t vote in the primary, but come out and be convinced that Christine O’Donnell is the candidate that you will want to support in the general election in November, after she defeats her opponent in the GOP primary on Sept 14th.

 I believe that once you have heard Ms. O’Donnell’s unique conservative message, you will be convinced that she is the future for Delaware and the nation. I hope to see many of you on August 29th, and I hope Christine O’Donnell can count on your support in this historic primary race that could not only change the direction of the Delaware GOP, but the direction of the nation.

 So come out and enjoy some stimulating conversation with the candidate, and the citizens who have heard the message she carries.



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