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Mike Castle Cuts Taxes ?

August 31, 2010

                                                          Mike Castle

  Okay really ? In Rep. Mike Castle’s (R-De) adds he is telling the people of Delaware that he has, over the years been a champion of lower taxes. He list a few of the bills that he voted for that he says lowered the tax burden on Americans, and says he will continue to do so if elected to the Senate.

  Well I won’t dispute the bills that Mr. Castle listed, they are a part of the public record. But I will say that any savings that these votes might have shown, will be offset by, and far surpassed by, the increase tax burden created by a carbon tax.

  Mike Castle, as Delaware’s Representative to the U.S. House, voted for cap-and-trade, this too is a part of the public record. Cap and trade would have put a tax on every producer of  traditional energy, on every producer of any product produce in the United States, on every product transported across the nation.

  Europe has their value added tax or VAT. Mr. Castle and those on the left would like to put into place their own version of the VAT. They would place a tax on carbon output and force the buying of credits. This carbon tax would be passed on to the consumers, it would equate to the highest tax increase on every citizen that this nation has ever known. It would hit the poorest the hardest. 

 Now of course Mr. Castle took some heat for voting for cap-and-trade, and has since vowed not to vote for cap-and-trade again if elected to the Senate. The problem is, I don’t believe him. He is a life time environmentalist, he has voted for higher CAFE standards which cost Americans thousands of dollars more for their cars. He votes in favor of just about every green issue that comes up for a vote. Now we are being asked to believe that the tiger will change his stripes. Well in my world, a tiger is a tiger, and Mike Castle will vote for carbon taxing, be it called cap-and-trade or any other label that the left decides to put on it. You can take that to the bank, Mike Castle surely will.

 Mr. Castle has for a long time been receiving contributions to his campaign from some of the largest banks in the nation. These banks will benefit from a carbon taxing bill, by playing the carbon commodities market. Mr. Castle has also for a very long time been receiving contributions from many large corporate law firms. These firms will benefit from a carbon tax by working for the corporations that would be forced to buy and sell credits.

  The real losers in any carbon tax bill will be the tax payers, the average citizens, the people who will pay the higher cost of everything they buy.

  Thanks Mr. Castle for those lower taxes. Yeah right !


State Department Reports Arizona To The U.N.

August 31, 2010

 In a report to the United Nation about  United State’s alleged human rights violations, the State Department has included the Arizona immigration law.

  This is another attack on Arizona’s state rights to protect its citizens, by the Obama administration.

  To label the law a human rights offence, and then to report it to the United Nations, demonstrates to what lengths this administration will go, to allow illegal immigration to continue.

  It is also another example of Pres. Obama apologizing to the world for America. This time he is apologizing for the governor of a state, who has done nothing more than to protect her citizens from illegal immigrants who have overtaken the state of Arizona. With, I might add, the approval of her citizens, and a majority of the citizens around the nation.

  In my opinion, the only thing we need to send the United Nations, is an eviction notice. Sec.of State, Hillary Clinton has sent a report of American human rights violation to an organization filled with nations such as Iran and other middle eastern nations and many African nations, where people are routinely murdered, just for being of a different sect of a religion. Where women can’t drive cars , let alone being allowed to vote.

  This is the organization that the State Department and Pres. Obama feel that we must report to? Again, for what? A state where illegal immigrants have broken federal laws and where the federal government has refused to act,where that state’s legislature and governor have acted in the best interest of their citizens, within their Constitutional powers to do so, and have now been betrayed by the current Washington administration. It is disgusting.

Michelle Malkin Endorses Christine O’Donnell

August 30, 2010

  National, conservative commentator, Michelle Malkin has written an article on her website endorsing Christine O’Donnell and cutting Mike Castle to ribbons. I would love to rehash it all for you, but I could never do it justice. Please go to this link and read for yourselves. This my friends, is big.

Help Fight The Obama Agenda

August 28, 2010



There are a lot of people around the nation who are asking, “what can I do to help stop the Obama agenda?”

  Well first, what is the Obama agenda? In my opinion it is nothing less than an attack on the very fabric of the American society. It would seem as if our current president is intent on dismantling not only our capitalist form of economics, but also our republican form of government.

  He is attempting to do this by first running the nation into debt so deep through spending programs, that we will never be able to pay off the debt. He is creating more and more victim groups, due to his economic agenda, which has lead to the largest economic down turn in my life, once he has created these victims, he and his legion within congress step in and promise to correct the problems they created. They say they will fix the problems by more of the same, more government regulation of just about everything. More government programs, more government jobs. All of which leads only to more debt. This over reliance on government is what will lead us away from our republican form of government.

  To boil down the Obama agenda, it is big government, it is higher taxes, it is to reduce your individual Liberty. Pres. Obama and those who support him want you and your fellow citizens to look to the federal government for all of your needs, from health care to finding a job. The Obama agenda will lead the American people into slavery to government. They wish to bind you in the economic chains that they themselves have forged, as a way to control the citizenry. Pres. Obama and those who support him use what they consider to be subtle means to move their agenda.

  They first create a housing crisis, by passing regulations to force banks to lend to people who could never hope to pay back the loans. In doing this they kneecapped the banking industry. Once the loans began to default and the banks were at risk of failing,then what happened? The very same government that created the problem, steps in to “SOLVE” the problem, by bailing out the banks with programs like TARP . Programs such as TARP and other so called stimulus packages have done little if anything to help the economy, but have done great damage by increasing our national debt to historic highs.

  The government also has over the years, over regulated the health care system, especially the insurance sector. These regulations have directly lead to the high cost of health insurance. So what is the Obama answer to this government created problem? Well to increase the amount of government control on the health care industry, of course ! And who has helped to allow this agenda to be moved forward? Well a willing congress. Either through direct support of the idea of national health care, or by being unwilling to fight to repeal the health care bill passed by the Obama administration.

  There are those within congress that would be happy to do the same thing to our energy industry, that has been done to our banking and health care industries. They have been for years voting to regulate the energy sector, in an attempt to make  it un-profitable. Through environmental laws they hope to force the energy producers into the same type of situation that they forced the banks into. We have seen over the years an all out attack on any industry that produces, be it energy or a product. The latest and in my opinion, the most dangerous attack has been the push for some form of carbon tax.

 Of course most are aware of the “cap and trade ” bill. But don’t get hung up on that title. I really don’t expect the next attempt to pass a carbon tax to be called cap and trade, though it will amount to the same thing. The idea is to charge producers of energy and products a tax on their carbon output. This will put a huge burden on these industries, but more important is the burden it will place on the American citizens. This will equate to the largest single tax ever levied on the American citizens.

  A carcon tax of any kind will force the energy and production sectors to raise the cost of their products, the delivery cost of these products will also increase due to higher cost of fuels. Every item that every citizen buys will increase, and the only winner will be government that is collecting the tax.

  So how do we stave off this Obama agenda? Well the easy answer is to elect someone else President in 2012. But many believe that we can’t wait that long. Many believe that we must act now, or risk missing the opportunity to turn back this rising tide of socialism. That means that we must take full advantage of the upcoming elections in November. We must send people to congress that will not only oppose the Obama agenda, but people who will propose measures to turn this ship around. People who feel that it is worth the effort to fight to repeal Obama-care. People who understand that the best way to turn around our failing economy, is not through more and more government regulations, but by removing many of the existing regulations, that do nothing but impede economic growth. We must have people who understand our greatest advantage in the United States, is our individual Liberty, and who will go to Washington to fight to protect it.

  We can no longer afford the “go along to get along” mentality, the  “reaching across the aisle” thought process has lead us to where we are. It is time to elect people with the courage to not only say no to the big government and special interest groups, but to say “HELL NO”.

  Mike Castle has for many years been one of these “MODERATE” Republicans. He has voted with the Democrats on some very important issues. He has supported Pres. Obama far too many times for my liking and I feel that he cannot be trusted in the U.S. Senate. I feel that to send Mike Castle to the U.S. Senate would only allow him to further support the Obama agenda of bigger government.

  That is why I am encouraging every registered member of the Delaware GOP to come out on September 14 th to vote for Christine O’Donnell in the GOP primary. Please help Christine O’Donnell to become the GOP nominee from the state of Delaware,and to become the next U.S. Senator from the state of Delaware. This race is ever so important not just because it would remove Mike Castle from office, but because this is a special election to fill Joe Biden’s old seat. That means that the winner in November will be sworn in the next day and not the following January.This means that if the ousted Democrats attempt to force through their radical agenda in a lame duck session, the question becomes, who do we want in the U.S. Senate when the next version of cap and trade comes up? Christine O’Donnell who has stated that she would oppose any carbon tax, or Mike Castle, who has a clear history of supporting carbon taxing?

  I encourage everyone to go to Christine’s website and help this candidate in any way you can. And yes it is that important.                                                         


  If you would like to meet and speak with Christine O’Donnell in person, then come out to one of her meet and greets. There is one being held in Sussex County this Sunday August 29th. The meet and greet will be held at,  The Pelican Grill, this is the club restaurant for, The Marsh Island Golf Course . Appetizers will be served. The meet and greet will be held from between 4-6 p.m. The address is,21383 Camp Arrowhead Rd Lewes, De. The phone number is, (302) 945-6620.

My Shortest Post Ever ?

August 22, 2010

  Okay, it may end up not being my shortest ever, but the message is short and sweet.

  On Sept 14th the Delaware GOP voters will be asked as a voting group, what is it you want for the future of the nation? They will be asked to decide between an unknown future as opposed to a known past.

  They will be asked to decide who will be sent to Washington to represent us in the U.S. Senate.

  We have the choice of a candidate who believes in the founding principles of the Constitution and traditional values. A candidate that will go to D.C. and stand up for those principles and values. That candidate is Christine O’Donnell.

  On the other hand there is a candidate that has a history of ignoring those founding principles and traditional values. A candidate that has shown a tendency, nay a proclivity, for voting in his own best interest or those of his special interest contributors, rather than voting in the best interest of the nation and its people. That candidate is Mike Castle.

 Knowing these facts, the GOP voters must decide on Sept. 14th, in the GOP primary, on a candidate  to run against the Democrat in November,for the Delaware seat in the U.S. Senate.

 I say to my fellow GOP voters the real question to ask one’s self is, who do you believe is the candidate that will go to Washington and put up the greatest effort to stave off the Obama,Pelosi, Reid agenda? Who can the people of Delaware and the nation depend on to fight for those founding principles of the Constitution? Who will stand up for traditional values? Who will be our advocate for smaller government, lower taxes, and individual Liberty? I believe that candidate is Christine O’Donnell.

 If on the other hand you are one of a few members of the GOP that believe that Pres. Obama and Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid are on the right path, and you wish to support their radical leftist agenda, then I suppose Mike Castle looks pretty good to you. His past voting record in the House shows that he prefers to vote with the Democrats on the really big issues. I see no reason to believe that this would change,if he were to be elected to the Senate.

 This is the first time in a very long time that GOP voters of Delaware have been given such a clear choice in a GOP primary, between a true conservative,Christine O’Donnell, and the usual Delaware moderate Republican, Mike Castle.

 I think it is clear that we as citizens of Delaware and the United States can no longer afford to travel the moderate road. In the upcoming lame duck session of congress, we will need a Senator who will have the courage and the conviction of her values and principles to stand up against the radical agenda that the out going Democrats will attempt to foist on the American people. That candidate is Christine O’Donnell.

How Far Left Is Mike Castle ?

August 20, 2010

  Is Delaware’s current At – Large Representative Mike Castle, who is running a no-show GOP primary race, against conservative Christine O’Donnell for the U.S. Senate , on Sept 14th, so far to the left, that he is vulnerable to an attack from his right, by the Democrat Chris Coons?

  Mike Castle, who was named, the most liberal member of the GOP in the House of Representatives, by the National Journal has some very strange voting records, for someone, whose supporters attempt to paint him as a conservative.

 Here are a few stats on Mr. Castle’s voting record on labor issues.

  2009  Representative Castle supported the interests of the AFL-CIO 62 percent in 2009

  2009  Representative Castle supported the interests of the American Federation of Government Employees 46 percent in 2009.

  2009  Representative Castle supported the interests of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers 60 percent in 2009.

 2008  Representative Castle supported the interests of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees 57 percent in 2008.

These are but a sample of Mr. Castle’s ties to organized labor, and here is the best.

 2008  Representative Castle supported the interests of the Service Employees International Union 83 percent in 2008.

 The SEIU has also endorsed Pres. Obama in the past. The SEIU is most likely, one of the most leftist union organizations in existence. The SEIU advocates for amnesty for illegal immigrants among other things. The SEIU organization contributes most of its money to hard left candidates in the Democrat party. It contributes  heavily to state Democrat parties, in 2007-2008 the SEIU donated $8,000 to the Delaware Democratic State Committee. I believe it is fair to say that the SEIU is a Democrat leaning organization.

 And yet, Rep. Castle, who would have you vote for him in the GOP primary on Sept 14th, instead of his conservative opponent Christine O’Donnell, seems quite willing to support this organization’s agenda 83% of the time in 2008.

  But just so you don’t think that this support is not appreciated by the SEIU, since 2000, SEIU has contributed $31,000 to the campaigns of Mike Castle. Now why would such a left leaning organization spend that kind of money on a Republican?

 Let’s make this conversation a slight bit more interesting.

   In the year 2000, Rep. Castle supported the interest of the SEIU  a whopping 0%.  But they donated $5,000 to him anyway, aren’t those leftist so sweet? The following year 2001, Mr. Castle’s support of the SEIU agenda shot up to 25% of the time, coincidence?

  Let us look at the year 2002 where Mr. Castle had another change of heart and only supported the SEIU 10% of the time. But once again out of the goodness of their heart they donated $10,000 to Mr. Castle. And in 2003, that’s right, Mr. Castle’s support of the SEIU went back up to 21%. I just don’t understand this! What could be driving this strange pattern?  In 2004 he supported the SEIU 57% of the time and received$5,000, 2005 25% of the time , 2006 33% of the time and received $5,000, 2007 63% of the time and received $5,000 and of course in 2008 83% of the time and he only received $1000. It would seem as if Mr. Castle has climbed all the way aboard the SEIU funded bus. But maybe they are now holding the big bucks back until he goes all Arlen Spector on them and changes parties. Or maybe they know, what a lot of us know, Mike Castle will lose the GOP primary on Sept. 14th, so why should the SEIU waste their money?

  Mike Castle is so far left, that if he were to win the GOP primary, his Democrat opponent in the general election would be able to run to the right of Mike  Castle.

Reminder ! To Come Out And Meet Christine O’Donnell

August 20, 2010

                                          AUGUST 29,2010

   Anyone interested in meeting, GOP candidate, Christine O’Donnell, who is running a campaign against career politician Mike Castle, for the GOP nomination, to be Delaware’s next U.S. Senator, in the Sept 14th GOP primary, should make plans to come out on August 29th. The meet and greet will be held at,  The Pelican Grill, this is the club restaurant for, The Marsh Island Golf Course . Appetizers will be served. The meet and greet will be held from between 4-6 p.m. The address is,21383 Camp Arrowhead Rd Lewes, De. The phone number is, (302) 945-6620.

  This is a great chance for those of you who have never had a chance to talk with Christine O’Donnell, to come out and ask her questions and hear her unique conservative message. This event is open to all. If you are a registered member of the GOP, and are as of yet unsure who you support, come out and be convinced. If you are not registered to vote, do so right now. You have until August 21st to register as a member of the GOP to be able to vote in the Sept. 14th GOP primary. And come out to The Pelican Grill and be convinced that Christine O’Donnell is the only choice to be Delaware’s next U.S. Senator. If you are an independent voter, well you can’t vote in the primary, but come out and be convinced that Christine O’Donnell is the candidate that you will want to support in the general election in November, after she defeats her opponent in the GOP primary on Sept 14th.

 I believe that once you have heard Ms. O’Donnell’s unique conservative message, you will be convinced that she is the future for Delaware and the nation. I hope to see many of you on August 29th, and I hope Christine O’Donnell can count on your support in this historic primary race that could not only change the direction of the Delaware GOP, but the direction of the nation.

 So come out and enjoy some stimulating conversation with the candidate, and the citizens who have heard the message she carries.


Another TEA party Endorsement For O’Donnell

August 19, 2010

  Independence Hall TEA Party PAC

For Immediate Release

Contact: Don Adams, 215.620.3055




Philadelphia (August 18, 2010) — The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, the only federally registered Tea Party political action committee in the tri-state region, announced today that it has endorsed  

Christine O’Donnell for US Senate in the upcoming Delaware Republican Primary (September 14).  

The seat, vacated in 2009 by Vice President-elect Joe Biden, is also being sought by Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE).  Whoever wins the November general election will serve out the remaining years of Biden’s term and will begin serving that term on November 3–thereby voting in the lame duck session of 111th Congress.

“We are confident Christine O’Donnell will beat Mike Castle in the upcoming primary,” said PAC Vice President for Delaware, Kevin Street.  “Christine is a strong grassroots favorite.  While her opponent has the support of establishment types, Christine has the support of the people.” 

In a recent Rasmussen poll, O’Donnell was beating her potential Democratic rival by several points.

“We were extremely impressed with Christine’s ability to articulate her positions on the issues.  Her platform of smaller government, lower taxes, and free enterprise solutions mirrors our own.  She is an extremely gifted communicator who exudes warmth and charisma–that’s why she received a unanimous endorsement at our August board meeting,” said PAC President, Don Adams. 

“Although she won’t be able to match multi-millionaire candidate Mike Castle dollar for dollar, she is beginning to raise serious money.  As our endorsed candidate Anna Little demonstrated in the New Jersey 6th Congressional District Republican Primary, money isn’t always everything–sometimes, grassroots support is.” 

Anna Little, who garnered unanimous Tea Party support, won her New Jersey primary by 84 votes despite being outspent 20-1 by her opponent. 

In primary contests so far, the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, which only endorses congressional candidates, has won 4 out of 4 races in the New Jersey Primary (June 8) and 8 out of 10 races in the Pennsylvania Primary (May 10).

“Our PAC Board endorses the most viable conservative candidates,” said Adams.  “Unfortunately, Mike Castle is not a conservative–in fact, he’s a potential Arlen Specter.”


The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC was formed in February, 2010 to assist federal candidates in the tri-state region (PA, NJ, DE) who share the organization’s commitment to limited government, fiscal responsibility, and lower taxes. The PAC’s website is currently under construction. 


Liberty v. Mosque

August 17, 2010

  Rush Limbaugh and others are attacking anyone who argues the legal right of the Mosque, as being liberals. I personally believe that those who tout their consevative creds., should be defending the right to build this Mosque.

 When we talk about the legal right of the Mosque, without  the emotions, then you must understand that it is not the Mosque that is protected, it is your church, it is your synagogue, your Hindu temple, it is your personal sanctuary at home.

 If we allow this attack on the Constitution by these Muslims, then we will not be defending just the freedom of religion, we will be defending the very Constitution its self.

 We have waited since 9/11 for the next big attack. We expected more attacks with planes. Thank God, they haven’t come.

 Many people have been asking,” why must they build the mosque so close to the site of WTC?” Because this is the next big attack.

 They have killed our fellow citizens making many doubt their country’s ability to protect them, since 9/11. Now they are attacking our form of government. They are saying to the world, does Liberty work?

 By demanding to build on this spot, so close to WTC, they are challenging us to show we believe in our government. If we do not defend the Constitution then we fail. We will  have shown that our system does not work without faith in our government.

 The difference between the radical Muslims and our system is Liberty. We allow people the right to choose. We can have faith in God and country, but we are able to separate the two, the Constitution gives us that right in the First Amendment. If we deny that right to any citizen based on religion, then we deny it to all at some point.  It is the only possible outcome if we block the Mosque, based on religion.

 That is exactly why the Muslims chose this site. This is their next big attack, not on our physical being, not even on our fear, but on the very fabric of our nation. If we allow them to pull at this thread, we allow them to unravel the security blanket that our Constitution was meant to be!

 We can stop this by pushing the thread back in, and saying to them yes, your religion is allowed to be a part of our patch quilt. But if you become a rend in the fabric, by breaking our laws, then you will be “mended” in equal fashion as any citizen would be.

 Rush Limbaugh and his echo chamber of small market talk shows are attempting to use this issue, as leverage against the Democrats in general, and President Obama in particular. And while no one wants, President Obama out of office, or the Democrats out of power, and the moderates of the GOP removed, more than me, we can not sacrifice the security of the Constitution, for the power of office.

 Limbaugh said that “not one thing changes about Islam if this Mosque isn’t built”, about this, he is correct, it would be the United States that would be changed. We would go from a nation of Liberty, to a nation of lawlessness.

 If the founding principles are found to be wanting, then every law that was created, based on these principles, will be found to be wanting also. For if the foundation of our system i.e., the Constitution, is not strong enough, then it will crumble and the house shall fall. For a house built on sand can not stand.

TARP Recipient Contributes Thousands Of Dollars To Castle Campaign

August 17, 2010

 In a previous posting under the title,

“Did Mike Castle Help Funnel Money To Foreign Banks?”

  I asked the question whether, due to Mike Castle voting for TARP, had he  helped funnel money to overseas banks?  I asked the question because of a Congressional Oversight Panel Report, that showed, that tens of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars had been funneled from the TARP bailout funds to foreign banks such as the French bank, Societe Generale which received $11.9 billion, and the German bank, Deutsche Bank received $11.8 billion.  With billions more going to other banks around the world.

  The TARP funds ended up overseas after being handed out to AIG, the money then flowed overseas to banks that had invested in AIG. AIG received $182 billion dollars in TARP funds, with tens of billions of tax payer dollars going to bail out banks in foreign countries. And all the while, here in the United States, things worsened.

  The Oversight Panel’s report also stated that there didn’t seem to be any data about where the money would be going. So Mike Castle voted for a bill without knowing where  billions of dollars would end up. 

  A fact that many voters may not be aware of,  is that over the years AIG has contributed thousands of dollars to Mike Castle’s political campaigns. Since  1992 to present, Mike castle has received  $29,350 , from individuals and PAC money associated with AIG. In 1998 and 2002 alone he received $21,400.

 Like so much in Mr. Castle’s history as an elected official this is not illegal, but it raises some questions about what constitutes a conflict of interest?

  Are we as voters to ignore the fact that our Representative in Washington voted for a bill, that an oversight panel tells us, had no data about how the money would be spent, allowing U.S. taxpayer dollars to end up overseas to bailout foreign banks. Are we also to ignore the long history Mr. castle has of receiving campaign contributions from the banking industry and bankruptcy law sector, all  while he is a ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee?

  When you look at AIG’s history of donating, they do contribute to both parties, though they tend to lean a little to the left donating slightly more to the Democrats.

  A couple of notables are V.P. Joe Biden who has received over the years $42,350, $20,975 of it in the 2008 election cycle alone. Also President Obama has received $149,003 in just two election cycles. First in 2004 he received $6,000 and in the 2008 election cycle Pres. Obama received $143,003.

  This puts Mr. Castle in his usual company, with the Democrats.

  Some will say that this is just another case of  Frank Knotts going after Mike Castle. Well folks, there is an old saying, “usually ,where there is smoke there is fire”. So while I am spending a lot of time looking through FEC reports and voting data bases, I am only brining to light that which is already there. It is up to the voters to decide on sept 14th if it is more of this fuzzy,quasi legal maneuvering, that has allowed Mr. Castle to procure millions of dollars in donations from the very banks and law firms that he has oversight of on the House Financial Services Committee.

 Do we want to continue to elect a man who it would seem, spends more time raising campaign funds, than he does reading the bills he votes for.