Ginger Gibson Needs A Hobby

 Ginger Gibson is at it again. She has written an article about the recent endorsement of the Christine O’Donnell campaign by The TEA Party Express.

 In the article , of course she focuses on the former member of the TEA Party Express that made racially charged remarks. Ms. Gibson gives little attention to the fact that the endorsement will be a gain for the O’Donnell  campaign. She barely mentions the fact, that the person is no longer a member of the TPE.

 She points out that the NAACP condemned the TPE as a racist organization. But failed to mention that the NAACP’s record of calling an organization or a person a racist is questionable, since the NAACP also called former U.S. Department of Agriculture employee, Shirley Sherrod, a racist for statements she made many years ago. The NAACP later had to retract the statement after the full context of Mrs. Sherrod’s statements were revealed. The NAACP also failed to call the acts of voter intimidation by members of the New Black Panthers, racist . So for Ms. Gibson to use the NAACP as some sort of measuring stick of who is or isn’t a racist, shows that she is over reaching.

  It is clear that Ms. Gibson has given up any claim to objective journalism. She was removed from the press corps of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, for smear tactics.

  She was also the so-called reporter who was behind the hit piece on Ms. O’Donnell early on in the campaign. She is clearly a puppet of the Castle campaign. Many thought at the time of the earlier piece, that the Castle campaign was behind the release of the story. Now  Ms. Gibson has shown her one-sided approach of covering this most important race for the GOP primary to be held on Sept. 14th.

 Before someone points out my bias for Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign, let me say, I never claim to be a journalist, and I don’t cloak my opinion in the guise of objectivity.

  Ms. Gibson would have us believe that she is merely covering a story, with no personal opinion involved at all. This is clearly not the case. Ms. Gibson is the worst kind of liberal, the kind that tries to convince you that they are anything but a liberal.

 I would say to Ms. Gibson, either come out of the liberal Castle closet, or get a hobby. But stop putting out the Castle trash and selling it as news.


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