Christine O’Donnell, Shaking Things UP!


   For all of the nay sayers out there, that in the beginning were saying that no one would support Christine O’ Donnell against Mike Castle, let me ask, have you changed your mind now?

  The O’Donnell campaign in recent days has been endorsed by The TEA Party Express, the Concerned Women for America PAC and the National Right to Work PAC. There is good reason to believe that conservative Senator Jim De Mint will also endorse Ms. O’Donnell in the near future.

 When Christine O’Donnell announced her intention of again running for the U.S. Senate, to fill the seat formerly held by now V.P. Joe Biden, many said it was a lost cause. When long time congressman Mike Castle decided to also run for the Senate as a Republican(HA! HA!) everyone said it was a done deal.

 As I talked to local people within the GOP I was told that Ms. O’Donnell needed national attention to stand a chance. Some said she needed to prove she could work hard enough to get that support before they would support her. Well my friends she has proven that she can go out and bring in the national support. So it is now time for people in this state who self describe as being conservative to get behind the only conservative in the race, Christine O’Donnell.

  The Sept 14th GOP primary looms large on the horizon. Ms. O’Donnell has been polled as being able to win in the general election against Chris Coons, putting to bed the accusations that she couldn’t win in the general election. Mike Castle has been losing ground in the same poll against Coons. The O’Donnell numbers go up once she has defeated Mr. Castle in the Sept. 14th GOP primary.

  I call on all of those who were waiting and watching this campaign for signs, that she was the real deal and whether she was committed to the cause. I am here to tell you that she is both. Christine has put together an experienced group of people who have shaken things up where ever they have gone. And she along with those like myself who support her message of conservatism are poised to shake up Delaware. When she has defeated both Castle and Coons and is sworn in by the man who held that Senate seat for oh so long, Joe Biden, it will be proof positive that real conservatives can be elected in Delaware. But it will take the courage of the voters to do the right thing and not just the same old thing.


5 Responses to “Christine O’Donnell, Shaking Things UP!”

  1. Billy Says:

    Completely loving what I’m hearing Frank. Had the good pleasure to speak with Christine a few Friday’s ago at the Great Conservative Cookout. She was both personable and well-informed. I was happy to see that.

    She had my vote last run. This time…she’s proving to be a viable candidate (as we knew all along) and again deserving of the vote.

    Thanks for the post Frank!


  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, I have been fortunate enough as of late to have had the chance to speak with Ms. O’Donnell quite a bit. I think what I find refreshing is that when you are talking to her, she is listening. I have had several chances to speak with Mr. Castle also, and when you are talking, it seems as if he is just waiting for a chance to interupt and to begin talking himself. We need elected officials who will listen to our needs and to act on them in good faith.

  3. Joe Cass Says:

    Where you off to frankie, Kool-Aid camp?

  4. Bill Says:

    Joe Cass…could you please elaborate on “Kool-Aid camp” please?

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Camp was great. The water was fine . Joe Cass if by Kool-Aid you mean the truth, well yes my friend I live at Kool-Aid camp.

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