How Important Is It ?

    Okay, I have to admit that this is something that we all knew, but maybe hadn’t registered. Also I have to say that it was brought to my attention, I didn’t put it together on my own , but it is big.

   The upcoming GOP primary on Sept. 14 between Christine O’Donnell and Mike Castle has much larger implications than just who will run against the tax and spend Democrat Chris Coons  in the general election.

  What we need to remember is that this Senate race is to fill the vacated seat of former Senator Joe Biden. That makes this a “SPECIAL ELECTION”, even though it is being held during the regular election cycle. This means that the winner in November will be seated right after the election in 2010 and not in 2011.

 This is important because, if the GOP and conservatives make the gains in congress, that many expect them to, then we can anticipate a lame duck congress run by the Democrats pushing through the most radical agenda in America’s history.

  What could stave off this lame duck agenda? Well certainly another conservative vote in the Senate would be a good thing.

 That is why GOP voters who consider themselves conservatives, must come out on Sept. 14 to vote in the GOP primary. And they must elect Christine O’Donnell as the GOP nominee to face the tax and spend Democrat Chris Coons. We cannot afford to send Mike Castle to the Senate with his long history of voting with the Democrats on such issues as cap-and-trade. We need a person like Christine O’Donnell who will oppose the liberal agenda of the Obama administration and the Democrats in congress. We certainly don’t need a Mike Castle who will only go to the Senate and vote for a carbon tax a second time, and any number of other liberal issues.

 Delaware and its voters could change the direction of the nation. We here in The First State could send the single most important vote to the U.S. Senate, by voting for Christine O’Donnell. Her vote could be the one vote that offsets the votes of  Scott Brown and Olympia Snow. And it all starts on Sept. 14, with the GOP primary.

 One other thing to consider, I believe that the Vice President swears in the new Senators, how sweet would it be to watch Joe Biden swear in Christine O’Donnell to fill the seat he held for so long?


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