Who Is Supporting Mike Castle ?

    The following are all recipients of TARP bailout money. Rep. Mike Castle who voted in favor of TARP received donations to his campaign fund from PACs representing these entities and their employees. The donations that are listed were made after TARP was signed into legislation. Donations just from these seven PACs over Rep. Castle’s career, would be in the millions. It is also important to remember that Rep. Castle is a member of the House Finacial Services Committee.

  I will leave it up to those reading this, to come to their own conclusions.

                                           TARP FUNDS                     DONATIONS

   Citigroup Inc                     $25 Billion                                   $5,500

   JPMorgan Chase & Co     $25 Billion                                  $5,000

   Wells Fargo & Co             $25 Billion                                  $1,000

    Bank of America Corp      $15 Billion                                  $10,000

   Goldman Sachs Group Inc $10 Billion                                   $2,000

   Morgan Stanley                  $10 Billion                                   $5,500

   US Bancorp                       $6.6 Billion                                  $3,000

                                 Total:   $116.6 Billion                               $32,000

  This is but a small sampling of both the TARP payouts and the donations received by Rep. Castle’s campaign from PACs representing these banks and their employees, who received taxpayer money in the bailout. And while it can be argued that PACs represent donations from individual employees, it cannot be ignored that these employees benefited from the TARP money, through wages and bonuses.

 Some may believe that TARP was a good thing. That argument may be made another day. But this incestuous passing of tax payer’s money back and forth between the government and special interest groups and then into the campaign war chest of politicians, while technically not illegal, should raise concerns of every tax paying citizen.




9 Responses to “Who Is Supporting Mike Castle ?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,this smacks of elitism in the worst way! I mean if people look at these numbers and realize that it’s OUR money that was given to these entities, then we should all be outraged.
    I, for one, certainly am! I called WGMD and spoke with Duke Brooks, as I have many times on one issue or another to address this TARP money.
    I mentioned, since it’s our money, why doesn’t the government give it to us to bail US out from some of our debt problems which in turn would free up money to stimulate the economy?
    Ford Motor Company didn’t take any TARP money and they’re actually MAKING A PROFIT!
    Again, come November, let’s hope the populace doesn’t forget what these characters did…….

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Agreed Bill. And Ford is a shining testament of capitalism and a free market. And Bill don’t wait until November. The GOP primary is Sept. 14th. Vote for Christine O’Donnell and rid Delaware and the nation of the likes of Mike Castle.

  3. Bill Says:

    No brainer,Frank! Glenn Urquart,Christine O’Donnell have my votes…

  4. Bill Says:

    Sorry about that,Frank..Didn’t mean to get Glen Urquhart’s name spelled wrong!
    When he’s elected,it’ll be a household name…

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