Who Said This ?

“With the high rate of unemployment this country continues to face, 9.7 percent nationally and 8.8 percent in Delaware, it is imperative that Congress provide adequate short-term support to laid-off Americans who continue to struggle finding employment during this economic downturn. Equally vital is enacting policies to assist in creating long-term, permanent economic growth, as well as to foster job training and education opportunities,”

 Well since Delaware was mentioned , I’m sure you can guess it was our own Rep. Mike Castle. He made this statement in support of his yes vote on the “Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010″ or HR5618. This is the Bill currently being held up in the Senate to extend un-employment benefits once again.

 Mr. Castle’s statement above could have been written by the White House press office. After hearing the President yesterday say many of the same things, one has to wonder which side Mr. Castle is playing for? Mr. Castle made his statement back on July 1, 2010, so maybe he is writing for the White House.

  Mr. Castle was one of only twenty-eight Republicans in the House  to vote in favor of extending the unemployment benefits. Once again showing that he is more interested in seeming to be bi-partisan, than he is in holding to conservative fiscal values.

  He would seem to prove this out , when later in his statement he says he is looking forward,”to continuing to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to provide long-term solutions for our workforce.”

  Currently, Republicans in the Senate are trying to hold the line and to force the Democrats and the President to at least pay for the benefit extension, possibly out of unused stimulus money. One must ask the question, would the Republicans in the Senate, stand a better or worse  chance, of forcing fiscal responsibility on the Democrats, if Mike Castle were a Senator today?

 I would have to answer that Mike Castle would hold true to his aisle crossing history and would vote with the Democrats and extend the unemployment benefits, without paying for them, and would add to the growing deficit.

 This is the man who is asking GOP voters in the GOP primary on Sept.14th to send him to the general election to run against a tax and spend Democrat, Chris Coons.  We must continue to ask the question, how will Mike Castle differentiate himself from a tax and spend Democrat, when he votes with the tax and spend Democrats so often?

 In this election cycle, when so many voters are seeking a return to conservative fiscal values, the GOP most send a clear message that we will no longer tolerate the mistakes of the past , that we will no longer send the same people back to Washington, who were part of creating the problems that we are currently suffering from..

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