Another “Moderate” Republican Jumps Ship

 The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the nomination of Elena Kagan for the United States Supreme Court. This vote now sends the nomination to the full floor of the Senate. The committee vote was 13-6.

 Only one Republican Senator voted with the Democrats. That was Senator Lindsey Graham (R,SC). Senator Graham is well-known for his tendency to vote with the Democrats.

 This is just another example of why we can no longer afford to tolerate these so-called “MODERATE” Republicans. We gain nothing from them except uncertainty.

 We the GOP voters must send the message to the establishment of the GOP party, that we will no longer stand for or behind the Lindsey Graham, or the John McCain and certainly not the Mike Castle type Republicans.

 We must demand and vote for a more conservative type of candidate. It begins in the primaries. We must weed out these aisle crossers. We must elect candidates that understand and hold to conservative values and principles.


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