Collin Bonini, Why State Treasurer ?

   There has been much talk about the recent “Great Conservative Cookout”. Both positive and negative. My personal feeling is that most of the response has been positive. Of course there has been the usual cry babies whining about the treatment of their favorite candidates.

  That aside the event afforded the opportunity for candidates to put their message out and to allow one on one conversations with citizens. I had one of those conversations with Delaware State Senator, Collin Bonini.

  First let me say I have heard Mr. Bonini speak in the past, the guy is just likeable. He relates to people very well and brings with him a simple message of fiscal conservatism that most average people can relate to. He has long been an advocate for open , transparent government, that, has not changed with his announcement to run for Delaware State Treasurer.

  So, I asked Mr. Bonini, why State Treasurer? Why do you feel you can do more for the state as treasurer, than as a senator?

 His answer was that as a senator he was but one voice among many. But as treasurer he would be a state wide voice for all of Delaware’s citizens on fiscal issues. He again stated his long held belief, one that I share, that the state of Delaware doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. And this again goes to the heart of why Mr. Bonini believes that as state treasurer he can spotlight the waste in our state government.

 His statement to me was, ” as state treasurer, nothing gets paid without my signature”. He believes that if, as treasurer, he calls the legislature to task on their out of control spending a few times that he can influence them, or in my words, shame them, into a more fiscally responsible attitude.

 His goal as treasurer would be to see the waste and to show it to the citizens of the state. To make the out of control spending more transparent to the people. Then my friends, after Mr. Bonini shows us, it would be up to us to hold our individual legislators accountable for their spending of our tax dollars.

  I couldn’t resist asking Mr. Bonini if he saw the move to State Treasurer as a possible stepping stone to the Governor’s office. He gave what would only be described as the “expected answer”.  “Not at this time.”  Well I can respect that. I can also only hope that at some time in the future it becomes one of his goals. I believe that he would bring the voice of the average citizens back to the governor’s office, a voice that has been missing from that seat for far too long in the state of Delaware.

  I wish Mr. Bonini nothing but good things and luck in his current and future endeavors.

  And for what little it is worth, this would be my official endorsement of Collin Bonini as our next State Treasurer for the State of Delaware.


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