Great Conservative Cookout


  Last night at Sam Yoder’s farm in Houston Delaware, a group of like-minded people showed up to lend their support for conservative values, At “The Great Conservative Cookout”.

  The speakers at this event ranged from former Virginia Governor George Allen, to local elected officials such as Ruth Briggs King and Collin Bonini.

 Of course your’s truly was excited to hear Delaware’s next U.S. Senator Christine O’Donnell speak.

 Ms. O’Donnell had a lot of supporters on hand. There were quite a lot of sky blue tee-shirts in the room and even more people with the Christine O’Donnell for Senate stickers. Her table was one of the more popular and I heard a lot of positive feedback.

 The buzz in the room about Christine, was about the new Rasmussen poll that shows Ms. O’Donnell winning in the general election against Chris Coons by two percent. The same poll shows Mike Castle loosing ground to Chris Coons in the general election. From January 2010 to July 2010 Mike Castle has lost 9%, going from a 56%-27% to a 47%-36% lead in the general against Coons.

 Now I know the Castle legion will show up and tell us that because Mike Castle is polling better right now that we should support him in the primary. Not so! Remember that once Christine O’Donnell has defeated Mr. Castle in the primary her numbers against Chris Coons will go up.

 A previous poll that was circulated showing Ms. O’Donnell winning against Chris Coons was said to be non-scientific. Well my friends , I think Rasmussen is fairly scientific.

 The O’Donnell momentum is growing. I don’t believe we have seen the real fireworks yet. The best is yet to come from a candidate that represents the values of the majority of Delawareans and Americans. Though the state may have a large number of registered Democrats, I believe that the citizens of this state are at heart a group of people who understand that this nation cannot continue down this road we are on, of spending and taxing . I believe that once the citizens hear the message that Christine O’Donnell is carrying, they will see that she is the only candidate to send to the U.S. Senate to protect our Liberty.

 I’ll take this opportunity once again to, encourage everyone, no matter who you support, to call on Mike Castle to debate Christine O’Donnell. The citizens deserve the chance to hear the candidates, face to face.



3 Responses to “Great Conservative Cookout”

  1. Puppyface Says:

    Castle will NEVER debate Christine. He’d be a complete fool to do it. He will not give her the photo op. It would be Beauty and the Beast. Come on…Castle’s plan is to MAKE Christine beat him while holding his one arm behind his back. The most popular speakers were: George Allen, Eric Bodenweiser, Christine O’Donnell and Glen Urquhardt.

  2. Bill Says:

    I was there last night,Frank and I had another chance to talk to Christine O’Donnell. She’s a very gracious lady with a fire in her heart!
    The whole cookout was exceptional and I’ve never attended anything like that ever and was pleasantly surprised. Yes,I agree all of the speakers you mentioned were terrific.
    By the way,is that you with the next senator from Delaware??????

  3. frankknotts Says:

    puppyface, I understand the stradegy. But as a person who believes our change will only come from the voters, I believe that we the people deserve to hear from the candidates first hand in a face to face debate.
    And yes Bill that is your’s truly in the photo with our next U.S. Senator Christine O’Donnell. I guess that photo sort of demonstrates puppyface’s point of a visual, beauty and the beast. I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to meet you at the event. Maybe the next one.

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