Are These People Crazy ?

 This is a link to Sen. Tom Carper’s senate website for a press release announcing new legislation that requires the United States to reduce its oil imports to zero, by 2030.  The legislation is called The Oil Independence for a Stronger America Act.

 Again I ask , are these people crazy?

 Of course this law is full of all the usual green crap about becoming energy independent by raising CAFE standards to force people into electric cars. Mr. Carper and his fellow environmental nut cases think they can just say “OIL INDEPENDENCE “, and it will be so. You can’t legislate new technology.

 He is also pushing the idea of transportation alternatives. This means, give up your cars and trucks,  and wait an hour by the side of the road for a bus to take you to another bus stop. Where you can wait another hour for the next bus. Oh and good luck getting the lumber home to build that playhouse for your kids in your smart car.

 Come on people ! Think about it. What will it take to reduce our oil imports to zero, well right now we import two-thirds of our oil. Two thirds my friends, that’s 2/3, more than half, a helluva lot.

  All this in twenty years. How? The technology doesn’t exist today. We can’t store the energy that is generated by solar and wind on an industrial scale at this time. Nuclear plants , if they were started today would take twenty to thirty year to get up and running due to the law suits that the wackos would bring. I will say that Sen. Carper has in the past shown signs of sanity when it comes to nuclear.

 So how do you reduce the oil consumption of the U.S. by two-thirds? Well by regulation my fellow citizens. They will have to impose laws that restrict who and when you can drive. There will be restrictions on energy use of all kinds. Mandatory brown outs. Possibly limited A/C usage, if at all. Smart meters that will shut off your appliances at the whim of the government-run power companies.

 Friends these people are crazy. They want to move us back to the dark ages to satisfy some deep-seated desire to commune with nature that they developed while smoking pot and dropping LSD in the sixties.

 This has to be the most unrealistic goal that any of these nut cases have proposed so far. And they are making it a law!

  And just so you don’t think I’ve given up. Do we really want to send Mike Castle to the Senate to set next to Tom Carper and give the appearance of bipartisanship, to crack pot, junk legislation like this?

  This sort of dangerous legislation will not make us less vulnerable to foreign countries , it will make us weak.

 Oh! By the way I almost forgot, no where in the press release announcing, “The Oil Independence for a Stronger America Act”, is anything mentioned about increasing our own oil production.


One Response to “Are These People Crazy ?”

  1. Bill Says:

    They are crazy,Frank! It’s one of those feeeeeel (Savage uses these words!) good laws that want to turn us into a “green” society! You see commercials on television that sponsors say we are “environmentally friendly” products! Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of hearing that. Has anyone seen how much it costs to put in solar panels and windmills? Great idea but the costs are quite prohibitive. We’re talking thousands of dollars and if your like me, I don’t have that kind of dough laying around!
    What’s the motive here? How can one even consider a ridiculous idea like this? I know: “Elect me! I caaaaaare about you and the environment!” It’s more like re-elect me so I can stay in office!
    I shake my head in disbelief at some of the crap coming out of Washington. More and more regulation is choking business and costing US, the taxpayer more and more money we don’t have.
    How can one even remote believe that the USA will cut off all oil imports by 2030? Foolish,ridiculous, and just plain insane.
    We have to stop these people in November. The people have the power,not these characters……

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