One Has To Wonder !

    When you start looking at the bigger picture, one has to wonder, just what kind of backroom deal may have been struck here in Delaware.

   Let us first go back to 2008, when then Sen.Joe Biden was elected to both the Senate and the Vice Presidency. Of course it wasn’t a hard choice for him to make, to take the V.P. job. This left his Senate seat open for appointment by the Governor of Delaware.  Gov. Ruth Ann Minner appointed long time Biden staff member Ted Kaufman.

  When Mr. Kaufman was selected and accepted the appointment he stated that he would hold the seat until it could be filled by an election. He has lived up to his word and did not seek the Democrat nomination for the Senate.

  Now when all of this started, Joe Biden’s son and heir apparent, Beau Biden was Delaware’s Attorney General. Everyone and anyone thought that Beau Biden would have been the obvious selection for the appointment. But he was serving his military time in Iraq also at the time, and honorably declined.

  So now election time rolls around. Ted Kaufman hold true to his word to not seek the seat. There are however rumors that the so-called Republican congressman Mike Castle, who had been considering retiring (oh, if only it had been true), was also considering a run for the Senate seat.

  Well Mr. Castle decided that, he would run for the Senate . Now up until this time, Beau Biden was again sure to be the Democrats choice, for the Senate, by everyone in the know. Even Republicans were saying it was his for the taking. But shortly after Mr. Castle announced his intention to run, Beau Biden announced that he would not .

  Now you would think that the Democrats would want their strongest candidate to run against, what some consider to be the GOP giant in Delaware. But instead they put forth a New Castle County councilman. Really? Instead of the son of Joe Biden, who also was a popular Attorney General? Why?

  Some have speculated that there might have been some backroom deals between Democrats and Republicans. That Beau Biden stepped aside to allow Mr. Castle to have, what was thought to be an easy run for Senate (that will be shown not to be so in the primary). The idea being that Mike Castle would get to add the feather of being a governor, a congressman, and a senator to his resume. Then he would step down near the end of his second year and allow Gov. Markell to appoint Beau Biden. This would then allow Biden to run again as an incumbent.

  So what do we have ? A front-runner who decides not to run. He is replaced by a nearly unknown county councilman to run against an opponent who has been in office for eighteen years.

  But wait the plot thickens. Now we find out that Beau Biden will run once again for Attorney General. No big surprise right ? Well guess what? In the entire state of Delaware the Republican Party couldn’t find one singal lawyer with enough ambition to challenge Biden for the Attorney General’s position.

  Is this the pay back for stepping aside and allowing Castle to have what he had hoped would be a cake walk into the Senate? One has to wonder, doesn’t one. So Beau Biden will be un-challenged in this election cycle. That also means that he won’t have to spend any of his campaign war chest.

 This is beyond pathetic, it is criminal.

  While I’ll admit that this is mere speculation on my part. In my opinion even the perception of this sort of deal, is one more reason why the GOP voters must make their voices heard on Sept. 14th in the GOP primary. They must elect Christine O’Donnell and put an end to this sort of backroom politics.

2 Responses to “One Has To Wonder !”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank, with the way things are going nowadays, it would not surprise me at all. Look at what you just said regarding Beau Biden NOT going for the senatorial seat vacated by his father currently being held by Ted Kaufman!
    It makes one wonder why Mike Castle wants to be a junior senator when he’s been in the House for so long. What’s that all about? We’ll only see when Christine O’Donnell becomes the republican senatorial candidate!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill the party eastablishment will tell you that they had to drag Castle kicking and screaming, for the good of the party, to run for Senate. I don’t buy it.

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