Delaware’s 41st Representative District, Always A Hot Item !

   I was at the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting last night. Let me just say you can tell that the election cycle is truly getting ramped up. The place was lousy with candidates and elected officials.

 It was a who’s who list of GOP , vote for me’s.

  We had Chris Weeks, who I will be writing about in the near future, who is running for the 14th Rep. Dist. against Schwartzkopf.

   Harvey Kenton running for the 36th Rep. Dist., a genuinely nice guy.

  Glen Urquhart was there, and across the room his primary opponent Michele Rollins.

  Also in attendance Greg Hastings, candidate for the 41st Rep. Dist.. His opponent will be the recently born again Democrat John Atkins.

  This 41st Rep. Dist. race always proves to be a hot ticket. And this time around it promises to be no disappointment.

  These two have face off before. After Mr. Atkins was forced to resign from office for personal indiscretions , he ran as an independent and loss to Mr. Hastings the Republican. Then after finding a new home with the Democrat party Mr. Atkins defeated Mr. Hastings in the following election.

  Well it would seem as if Mr. Hastings is seeking on more re-match, in what has become a death match competition between the two.

  This in my opinion will prove to be one, if not the most interesting state races this cycle. It may also be the nastiest, if history holds true. It will most likely be fought out on the air waves of the local talk radio station WGMD, again if history holds true.

  The race will be a mixture of issues and a personality contest.

  Both candidates will paint themselves as conservatives. They have to, the 41st is one of the more conservative districts in Sussex County.

  For now I’m not choosing sides. I will be watching this race closely, just for the political fun of it, but also because after having a long discussion with Mr. Hastings after the meeting last night, I have had to re-think some of my opinions of him . I believe he deserves a second look  and I intend to give him one.

 Keep your political eyes on this one gang, it will most likely be entertaining if nothing else.

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