Oakland Riots

   The federal government said it will step in after officer Johannes Mehserle was convicted Thursday of a lesser involuntary manslaughter charge, touching off angry protests that damaged stores and netted dozens of arrests.

  The riots are due to the fact that the victim was black and the officer was white. The riots have resulted in at least eighty arrest and dozens of stores including a Foot Locker. I guess nothing says  that you are upset with a verdict like stealing Nikes. Let me start by saying that these looters don’t care about the victim, and they are not representative of the communities they live in. For the most part they are people who are criminals to begin with and are taking advantage of the situation.

 The real story here is that the white officer was found guilty in a court of law, of manslaughter. It would seem that some in  the community are unhappy with that verdict and instead of waiting for the process to play out, they chose to steal, burn and riot in the street.

  The racial element of this story cannot be ignored. It comes on the heals of the story of voter intimidation in Philadelphia, where two members of the New Black Panthers stood outside a polling place and intimidated white voters. They were convicted in a court of law. That is when the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric holder stepped in, and had the case  dismissed. Shortly thereafter an attorney that was on the case for the DOJ resigned and came out with the story that it was common knowledge that there was an unwritten decree that no cases having to do with white victims and minority defendants would be pursued.

  Now back to the Oakland case. The civil rights division of the DOJ has stated that it will be investigating the Oakland verdict, to see if the case was handled properly. And to determine whether the case deserves federal prosecution.

  I have the most basic information about the case. I was not in the court room or the jury room . I will not attempt to pass judgement on the merits of the verdict. The real point of this post is that the current Attorney General and it would seem the administration of Pres. Obama in general, are playing a very nasty game of racial discrimination.

 After the Philly case and the information about race policy at the DOJ, to have the DOJ and AGs office state that they will investigate this case, one has to ask. Would Eric Holder and the DOJ be looking into this Oakland case, if the victim were white and the officer were minority?

 This sort of institutionalized racism is the most harmful and dangerous form of racism. We will never purge the hearts of every person of some form of racism, but to allow our government agencies to practice it , hearkens back to Jim Crow. This sort of condoned hatred, inspires more of the same. Some will take the Oakland riots and the DOJ’s investigation of the case as proof that there was wrong doing in the handling of the case. They will take the policy of not trying minority defendants  as a get out of jail free card. To prove this there was a case in Washington state, of  vandalism of a police officer’s patrol car parked outside his home at 2:30 in the morning on Friday. The windows were smashed out and the words ” Oscar Grant was here”, Oscar Grant was the victim in the Oakland case.

 When our Department of Justice shows no respect for the law, then how can we expect citizens too?

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  1. World Wide News Flash Says:

    Oakland Riots…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Bill Says:

    Exactly,Frank! Remember the Rodney King verdict? Who could ever forget that mess!
    Remember Reginald Denny when he was pulled out of his truck and beaten senseless by those black thugs? I remember one punk running up and slamming Denny’s head into the street with his foot and running around cheering about it. These films were all taken from a news helicopter. What happened to those jerks? I think Denny dropped the charges, if my memory serves me right.
    To burn,loot, and destroy what kind of a signal is that? It’s a signal that gives these animals (I have a hard time with that because animals would not do this) an excuse for their racism and hatred of the law.
    Eric Holder and his ilk that refuse to press charges against those punks in Philadelphia should stay out of the Oakland case. Holder should be impeached or better yet, resign as attorney general.
    Their lack of response to the Philadelphia NBP case condones racism of black people against white people.
    Luckily,Frank, 99% of black people don’t condone the NBP anymore than I condone the Neo-Nazis and the white supremists. I have an idea,why don’t we put the NBP and the White Supremists in a big yard and let them have at it? Maybe they could cancel each other out!
    They are a small minority that unfortunately represent the fringe element of any civilized society. And civilized is not what we see in Oakland. Destroying a patrol car at 0230 represents what? Extreme cowardice lack of respect for anything…..

  3. Bill Says:

    Frank, I’ll make this quick. I always enjoy your comments on current events and may I digress very briefly for a moment?
    I just read that our friend in Margaritaville,Jimmy Buffett, is blaming President Bush for the oil spill. I mean reading his alcoholic induced haze, perhaps he’s another useful idiot on the left???

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Never was a fan of his music, now I know I’m not afan of his politics.

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