Mr. Castle, What Big Earmarks You Have

  The following information was attained from The Center For Responsive Politics. Feel free to check the information for your self at 

  It would seem as if  Rep. Mike Castle is pretty good at the political game of earmarks. He has sponsored or co-sponsored fifty-one earmarks totalling $51,874,600 for the fiscal year of 2010. This number gets him a ranking of 43rd out of 435 representatives.That puts him in the top ten percent of earmark spending.  Now there’s something to be proud of.

  Of course some people will say, “hey great, we got ours”. The problem is my friends, that the money he is able to bring back to the state, must first be taken from the tax payers of the state. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had people in government that were more interested in keeping the money in our pockets, and in so doing , in the state?

  At a time when we are facing historical deficits and debt at the federal and local level, can we afford to have our politicians bringing home the pork?

 I know that some of you will justify this practice by saying, if we don’t take the money, then some other state will. No doubt. The way to change this cycle of debt, is to elect people who understand that it is not the role of the federal government to bankroll state projects, or private companies.

  It is not the citizens of Delaware that should be paying for bridges in Alaska, and it is not the citizens of Nebraska who should be putting sand back on the beaches of Rehoboth. If a company has a good idea or product, let them hustle up private investors, that my friends is capitalism. Earmarks amount to cronyism, because many times, the companies that receive earmark funding have been contributors or lobbyist of the representative responsible for the earmarks.

 We need to elect people who understand that if we are ever going to have a chance of reining in our out of control deficit spending and to lower our debt, then we must first cut the pork,i.e. earmarks. We cannot at this time afford the luxury. We must elect people who understand that to cut spending  and lowering taxes is the only hope we have for our economic future.

  Now in all fairness to Mr. Castle his numbers as of this posting are down from last fiscal year. In 2009 he sponsored or co-sponsored fifty-seven earmarks totalling $90,599,920, giving him a ranking of 24th out of 435, he was really smoking last year. In 2008 he could only muster 35 earmarks for a total of $53,480,420 for a ranking of 35th.

  We as voters need to ask ourselves, is this what we want and expect from our political representatives? As for myself, I say no. I don’t need politicians working to bring my money back to the state I happen to live in. I need politicians who will work to allow me to keep and to use my money within the state I live in. The money I am allowed to keep and spend in my home state will generate revenue for my state, it will spark investment in my state, and it will protect my personal Liberty of the right to choose how I spend it.


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