Experts Say Arizona Law Suit,”Waste Of Time”

  The federal government has filed a twenty-two page law suit against the state of Arizona. The suit claims that the state’s immigration law challenges the federal government’s supremacy. In other words the state of Arizona is doing the job that should be done by the federal government.

  According to the Arizona legislators who drafted and passed the law, it was written specifically to mirror the federal laws concerning immigration(because they knew they would be sued) and that there is precedent for states to enforce federal immigration laws.

  How can the federal government argue against states participating in immigration enforcement when the feds created a Law Enforcement Support Center to help law officers determine whether detainees are illegal?

  Among some of the law suit’s charges against the Arizona law is that,

   “It says the law interferes with federal priorities. The federal government, it says, “principally targets” aliens who appear most dangerous or violent. The Arizona law would result in the arrest of anyone found to be in the United States illegally during the course of a “lawful police contact,” such as a speeding violation.”

  Heaven forbid we arrest anyone found to be here “ILLEGALLY”.

  Most experts are saying that this first challenge of the Arizona law in the 9th Circuit court has little chance of success. But of course it won’t be the last. The Obama administration wants to strike this sort of law down before it spreads. The administration wants amnesty for those illegals already here and can’t afford a ground swell of support for state laws that would force the federal government to do its job.

 The law within Arizona has a favorable rating of around seventy percent of the citizens, and don’t forget that this would mean that many of Arizona’s Hispanic population must also be in favor of it. The law is also popular around the nation, with citizens in other states calling on their legislators to pass similar laws.

 Of course here in Delaware our GOP members of the Legislature have gone out on a limb and asked for a study of the economic impact of illegal immigration. Oh, the courage of these legislators is impressive. They are willing to spend tax dollars to study what every citizen of the state already knows.

  Immigration is and should be the number one issue on the table. It affects all of the other issue. The un-employment rate, health care, education,crime,the economy overall. We need people at all levels of government that recognize that immigration enforcement is vitally important to our national security. This means state legislators with the backbone to do more than just spend money on studies.

 The GOP leadership in the Delaware Legislator have missed a golden opportunity to demonstrate who is and who is not for immigration enforcement, and in an election year. Instead of an economic impact study, they should have drafted a law similar to Arizona’s or even Oklahoma’s. Of course they had no chance to pass it with the Democrats in majority, but they could have held up the vote as evidence against the Democrats in the upcoming election. Obviously they don’t trust the voters.

  This is another case of political leaders being out of touch with the will of the people.

  From what I have read the Arizona law has a good chance to stand against this law suit from the federal government. Now we must hope that people around the nation will demand that their own state legislatures tackle this most important issue in the same fashion, head-on!

2 Responses to “Experts Say Arizona Law Suit,”Waste Of Time””

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,one of the things that aggravates me about this Arizona law is that they are trying to secure their borders and they’re getting all kinds of grief from everyone.
    Case in point: the civil war was not fought only about slavery but STATE’S rights!
    Does the federal government supersede state’s rights? I’m not really sure but they may.
    Why are these numbskulls giving Arizona a hard time? Because they approve lawlessness!

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Bill, my understanding of the Constitution is that unless something is specifically given as a power in the Constitution as a federal power then it is open to the states to handle. In this case the state of Arizona is only saying that they are going to enforce the law already set down by the federal government. This happens all the time, be it gun laws or tobacco laws. In this case the Obama administration and his legion in congress want an injunction to delay any other states from passing similar laws, so that they can push through amnesty.

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