Voter Intimidation Is A Crime

  There has been very little media coverage of the voter intimidation case against members of the radical black organization the New Black Panthers.

  The NBP members are accused of intimidating white voters during the 2008 presidential election at a polling place in Philadelphia. There is actually video of them standing directly in front of the doorway, one of them holding what looks to be a night stick. They were heard to say such things to white voters as, “you are about to be ruled by the black man.”

  Charges were brought against the two NBP members, charging them with voter intimidation, which is a federal crime. But the charges have since been dropped. The decision to drop the case would seem to have come from the very top of the Department of Justice. It is hard to believe that a case of this sort wouldn’t have been under the watchful eye of  Attorney General Eric Holder.

  That is exactly what a former DOJ attorney in the voter division of the DOJ is saying.

  J. Christian Adams recently resigned his position at the DOJ, one that he says he enjoyed very much and one in which he was promoted on April 28th. He resigned after being told that the case against the NBP members would be dropped. He and others working the case were told by higher-ups that the law and the facts did not warrant pursuing the case. This is something that he and others on the caes say is completely faulse.

  Adams said in an interview with Fox News Network’s Megyn Kelly, that it was common knowledge around the DOJ that,”Civil rights complaints would only be pursued when initiated by people of color against white people.” And that, “When it was the other way around, the complaints, even when well-substantiated as with the New Black Panthers, would disappear in a bureaucratic morass.”

  There is video evidence of the crime, there are witnesses and victims of the intimidation, and yet Eric Holder refuses to prosecute these men because they are black and the victims are white.  This is corruption at the highest level of the very government institution that we are to turn to for protection in a case such as this.

  First let me point out the ignorant racism of the two Black Panthers. They were assuming that every white voter that came to that polling place was going to vote for McCain. How many white Obama voters might they have frightened away? This in my mind demonstrates that hatred and racism has no color, it shows that those who , in the past were discriminated against, can be just as racist .

  Now , the idea that the Department of Justice would turn a blind eye towards this sort of racially motivated voter intimidation is troubling on several levels. First it shows a total lack of respect for the law and for the truth and for justice.

  But more troubling is the message it sends as we enter this current election cycle and also the upcoming presidential election of 2012. The DOJ has basically told any radical minority organization out there that they are free to block white voters from voting, in any manner they chose. We could see more of what we saw in Philly. We might see groups such as the New Black Panthers, the Nation Of Islam or La Raza blocking polling places around the nation.

  This case must be brought back and tried in a court of law. We cannot afford to allow the single most important act of every citizen, voting, to be stolen by thug groups who do nothing but spit hatred.

  There are others at the DOJ who know what is going on with this case and the attitude of the leadership under Mr. Holder. They must come forward. We can only hope that there  are others with the courage of J. Christian Adams. It won’t be easy, Mr Adams is currently being attacked in the media by his former employers. Anyone who comes forward can expect the same.

 The media’s lack of coverage of this story, also demonstrates their bias. If this were happening under a Republican administration or if the victims were a minority, this would be on a twenty four hour news cycle.


2 Responses to “Voter Intimidation Is A Crime”

  1. KCLeamy Says:

    I agree with your statements. I firmly believe that hate breads hate. I am all for people holding signs, and having peaceful demonstrations or rallies, I do not like the idea of voters being intimidated, I don’t care who is doing the intimidating.

    I don’t care what color you are, what religion you hold dear, what party you belong to, it is no excuse to break the law. Too the lawmakers and enforcers, DO YOUR JOB! Prosecute these people who break the law, stop looking at people as a “minority group” and look at people who break the law as criminals.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    KC, I agree, we can never be post racism, not as long as our elected officials and their appointees are trafficing in this type of racist behavior.

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