This One Is For Bill

   Just for you Bill ! Bill thinks that the costume change is an attempt to emasculate the American male. I would say it is more an attack on what has always been a patriotic symbol. All of the colors  (red, white and blue) are there and the stars are on her shoulders and the eagle is present. The costume is just not as recognizable as an American symbol. It may be an attempt to make her into an international hero, after all we are a global community. It will be interesting to see who her villains are now. And I would have to add that she looks more like Wonder Girl than “WOMAN”.


2 Responses to “This One Is For Bill”

  1. Bill Says:

    Thanks,Frank! I sincerely appreciate that!

  2. Bill Says:

    One other thing that I did fail to mention that you brought up! The eagle,and the stars and stripes on Wonder Woman…..

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