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But Before I Go !

July 31, 2010

 One last reminder. August 21st is the deadline for registering as a member of the GOP to be allowed to vote in the Sept.14th GOP primary. Get your friends and neighbors to register. This GOP primary on Sept 14th is the most important in the nation. We need conservative minded people to register before August 21st so that they can vote in the primary on Sept. 14th.


Be Back Soon!

July 31, 2010

 This is just to let everyone know. I will be disengaging for about ten days. Everyone needs to decompress from time to time, and this is my time. I hope to be posting again around the tenth of August. I hope that my readers will continue to check in. I suggest if you are new to my site or maybe a loyal reader, to go through the archives. There are articles there that are as relevant today as when I wrote them. Thanks for your continued support of my small attempt at getting out a message of conservatism. See ya soon. Regards, Frank

Ginger Gibson Needs A Hobby

July 28, 2010

 Ginger Gibson is at it again. She has written an article about the recent endorsement of the Christine O’Donnell campaign by The TEA Party Express.

 In the article , of course she focuses on the former member of the TEA Party Express that made racially charged remarks. Ms. Gibson gives little attention to the fact that the endorsement will be a gain for the O’Donnell  campaign. She barely mentions the fact, that the person is no longer a member of the TPE.

 She points out that the NAACP condemned the TPE as a racist organization. But failed to mention that the NAACP’s record of calling an organization or a person a racist is questionable, since the NAACP also called former U.S. Department of Agriculture employee, Shirley Sherrod, a racist for statements she made many years ago. The NAACP later had to retract the statement after the full context of Mrs. Sherrod’s statements were revealed. The NAACP also failed to call the acts of voter intimidation by members of the New Black Panthers, racist . So for Ms. Gibson to use the NAACP as some sort of measuring stick of who is or isn’t a racist, shows that she is over reaching.

  It is clear that Ms. Gibson has given up any claim to objective journalism. She was removed from the press corps of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, for smear tactics.

  She was also the so-called reporter who was behind the hit piece on Ms. O’Donnell early on in the campaign. She is clearly a puppet of the Castle campaign. Many thought at the time of the earlier piece, that the Castle campaign was behind the release of the story. Now  Ms. Gibson has shown her one-sided approach of covering this most important race for the GOP primary to be held on Sept. 14th.

 Before someone points out my bias for Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign, let me say, I never claim to be a journalist, and I don’t cloak my opinion in the guise of objectivity.

  Ms. Gibson would have us believe that she is merely covering a story, with no personal opinion involved at all. This is clearly not the case. Ms. Gibson is the worst kind of liberal, the kind that tries to convince you that they are anything but a liberal.

 I would say to Ms. Gibson, either come out of the liberal Castle closet, or get a hobby. But stop putting out the Castle trash and selling it as news.

Christine O’Donnell, Shaking Things UP!

July 28, 2010


   For all of the nay sayers out there, that in the beginning were saying that no one would support Christine O’ Donnell against Mike Castle, let me ask, have you changed your mind now?

  The O’Donnell campaign in recent days has been endorsed by The TEA Party Express, the Concerned Women for America PAC and the National Right to Work PAC. There is good reason to believe that conservative Senator Jim De Mint will also endorse Ms. O’Donnell in the near future.

 When Christine O’Donnell announced her intention of again running for the U.S. Senate, to fill the seat formerly held by now V.P. Joe Biden, many said it was a lost cause. When long time congressman Mike Castle decided to also run for the Senate as a Republican(HA! HA!) everyone said it was a done deal.

 As I talked to local people within the GOP I was told that Ms. O’Donnell needed national attention to stand a chance. Some said she needed to prove she could work hard enough to get that support before they would support her. Well my friends she has proven that she can go out and bring in the national support. So it is now time for people in this state who self describe as being conservative to get behind the only conservative in the race, Christine O’Donnell.

  The Sept 14th GOP primary looms large on the horizon. Ms. O’Donnell has been polled as being able to win in the general election against Chris Coons, putting to bed the accusations that she couldn’t win in the general election. Mike Castle has been losing ground in the same poll against Coons. The O’Donnell numbers go up once she has defeated Mr. Castle in the Sept. 14th GOP primary.

  I call on all of those who were waiting and watching this campaign for signs, that she was the real deal and whether she was committed to the cause. I am here to tell you that she is both. Christine has put together an experienced group of people who have shaken things up where ever they have gone. And she along with those like myself who support her message of conservatism are poised to shake up Delaware. When she has defeated both Castle and Coons and is sworn in by the man who held that Senate seat for oh so long, Joe Biden, it will be proof positive that real conservatives can be elected in Delaware. But it will take the courage of the voters to do the right thing and not just the same old thing.

How Important Is It ?

July 27, 2010

    Okay, I have to admit that this is something that we all knew, but maybe hadn’t registered. Also I have to say that it was brought to my attention, I didn’t put it together on my own , but it is big.

   The upcoming GOP primary on Sept. 14 between Christine O’Donnell and Mike Castle has much larger implications than just who will run against the tax and spend Democrat Chris Coons  in the general election.

  What we need to remember is that this Senate race is to fill the vacated seat of former Senator Joe Biden. That makes this a “SPECIAL ELECTION”, even though it is being held during the regular election cycle. This means that the winner in November will be seated right after the election in 2010 and not in 2011.

 This is important because, if the GOP and conservatives make the gains in congress, that many expect them to, then we can anticipate a lame duck congress run by the Democrats pushing through the most radical agenda in America’s history.

  What could stave off this lame duck agenda? Well certainly another conservative vote in the Senate would be a good thing.

 That is why GOP voters who consider themselves conservatives, must come out on Sept. 14 to vote in the GOP primary. And they must elect Christine O’Donnell as the GOP nominee to face the tax and spend Democrat Chris Coons. We cannot afford to send Mike Castle to the Senate with his long history of voting with the Democrats on such issues as cap-and-trade. We need a person like Christine O’Donnell who will oppose the liberal agenda of the Obama administration and the Democrats in congress. We certainly don’t need a Mike Castle who will only go to the Senate and vote for a carbon tax a second time, and any number of other liberal issues.

 Delaware and its voters could change the direction of the nation. We here in The First State could send the single most important vote to the U.S. Senate, by voting for Christine O’Donnell. Her vote could be the one vote that offsets the votes of  Scott Brown and Olympia Snow. And it all starts on Sept. 14, with the GOP primary.

 One other thing to consider, I believe that the Vice President swears in the new Senators, how sweet would it be to watch Joe Biden swear in Christine O’Donnell to fill the seat he held for so long?

Don’t Forget The GOP Primary !

July 23, 2010

 Don’t forget the Delaware, GOP primary. It is scheduled for September 14,2010.

  Also it’s not too late to get those friends of your’s that have been complaining about the state of  the nation and state to get registered.

  The deadline for new voter registration is August 21, 2010, to be able to vote in the GOP primary. It is too late to change party affiliation though.

  So get out the vote, and pester your friends and neighbors to make sure they have registered before August 21, 2010 . So that they can vote in the GOP primary on

 SEPTEMBER 14,2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Is Supporting Mike Castle ?

July 22, 2010

    The following are all recipients of TARP bailout money. Rep. Mike Castle who voted in favor of TARP received donations to his campaign fund from PACs representing these entities and their employees. The donations that are listed were made after TARP was signed into legislation. Donations just from these seven PACs over Rep. Castle’s career, would be in the millions. It is also important to remember that Rep. Castle is a member of the House Finacial Services Committee.

  I will leave it up to those reading this, to come to their own conclusions.

                                           TARP FUNDS                     DONATIONS

   Citigroup Inc                     $25 Billion                                   $5,500

   JPMorgan Chase & Co     $25 Billion                                  $5,000

   Wells Fargo & Co             $25 Billion                                  $1,000

    Bank of America Corp      $15 Billion                                  $10,000

   Goldman Sachs Group Inc $10 Billion                                   $2,000

   Morgan Stanley                  $10 Billion                                   $5,500

   US Bancorp                       $6.6 Billion                                  $3,000

                                 Total:   $116.6 Billion                               $32,000

  This is but a small sampling of both the TARP payouts and the donations received by Rep. Castle’s campaign from PACs representing these banks and their employees, who received taxpayer money in the bailout. And while it can be argued that PACs represent donations from individual employees, it cannot be ignored that these employees benefited from the TARP money, through wages and bonuses.

 Some may believe that TARP was a good thing. That argument may be made another day. But this incestuous passing of tax payer’s money back and forth between the government and special interest groups and then into the campaign war chest of politicians, while technically not illegal, should raise concerns of every tax paying citizen.



Another “Moderate” Republican Jumps Ship

July 20, 2010

 The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the nomination of Elena Kagan for the United States Supreme Court. This vote now sends the nomination to the full floor of the Senate. The committee vote was 13-6.

 Only one Republican Senator voted with the Democrats. That was Senator Lindsey Graham (R,SC). Senator Graham is well-known for his tendency to vote with the Democrats.

 This is just another example of why we can no longer afford to tolerate these so-called “MODERATE” Republicans. We gain nothing from them except uncertainty.

 We the GOP voters must send the message to the establishment of the GOP party, that we will no longer stand for or behind the Lindsey Graham, or the John McCain and certainly not the Mike Castle type Republicans.

 We must demand and vote for a more conservative type of candidate. It begins in the primaries. We must weed out these aisle crossers. We must elect candidates that understand and hold to conservative values and principles.

Who Said This ?

July 20, 2010

“With the high rate of unemployment this country continues to face, 9.7 percent nationally and 8.8 percent in Delaware, it is imperative that Congress provide adequate short-term support to laid-off Americans who continue to struggle finding employment during this economic downturn. Equally vital is enacting policies to assist in creating long-term, permanent economic growth, as well as to foster job training and education opportunities,”

 Well since Delaware was mentioned , I’m sure you can guess it was our own Rep. Mike Castle. He made this statement in support of his yes vote on the “Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010″ or HR5618. This is the Bill currently being held up in the Senate to extend un-employment benefits once again.

 Mr. Castle’s statement above could have been written by the White House press office. After hearing the President yesterday say many of the same things, one has to wonder which side Mr. Castle is playing for? Mr. Castle made his statement back on July 1, 2010, so maybe he is writing for the White House.

  Mr. Castle was one of only twenty-eight Republicans in the House  to vote in favor of extending the unemployment benefits. Once again showing that he is more interested in seeming to be bi-partisan, than he is in holding to conservative fiscal values.

  He would seem to prove this out , when later in his statement he says he is looking forward,”to continuing to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to provide long-term solutions for our workforce.”

  Currently, Republicans in the Senate are trying to hold the line and to force the Democrats and the President to at least pay for the benefit extension, possibly out of unused stimulus money. One must ask the question, would the Republicans in the Senate, stand a better or worse  chance, of forcing fiscal responsibility on the Democrats, if Mike Castle were a Senator today?

 I would have to answer that Mike Castle would hold true to his aisle crossing history and would vote with the Democrats and extend the unemployment benefits, without paying for them, and would add to the growing deficit.

 This is the man who is asking GOP voters in the GOP primary on Sept.14th to send him to the general election to run against a tax and spend Democrat, Chris Coons.  We must continue to ask the question, how will Mike Castle differentiate himself from a tax and spend Democrat, when he votes with the tax and spend Democrats so often?

 In this election cycle, when so many voters are seeking a return to conservative fiscal values, the GOP most send a clear message that we will no longer tolerate the mistakes of the past , that we will no longer send the same people back to Washington, who were part of creating the problems that we are currently suffering from..

Collin Bonini, Why State Treasurer ?

July 19, 2010

   There has been much talk about the recent “Great Conservative Cookout”. Both positive and negative. My personal feeling is that most of the response has been positive. Of course there has been the usual cry babies whining about the treatment of their favorite candidates.

  That aside the event afforded the opportunity for candidates to put their message out and to allow one on one conversations with citizens. I had one of those conversations with Delaware State Senator, Collin Bonini.

  First let me say I have heard Mr. Bonini speak in the past, the guy is just likeable. He relates to people very well and brings with him a simple message of fiscal conservatism that most average people can relate to. He has long been an advocate for open , transparent government, that, has not changed with his announcement to run for Delaware State Treasurer.

  So, I asked Mr. Bonini, why State Treasurer? Why do you feel you can do more for the state as treasurer, than as a senator?

 His answer was that as a senator he was but one voice among many. But as treasurer he would be a state wide voice for all of Delaware’s citizens on fiscal issues. He again stated his long held belief, one that I share, that the state of Delaware doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. And this again goes to the heart of why Mr. Bonini believes that as state treasurer he can spotlight the waste in our state government.

 His statement to me was, ” as state treasurer, nothing gets paid without my signature”. He believes that if, as treasurer, he calls the legislature to task on their out of control spending a few times that he can influence them, or in my words, shame them, into a more fiscally responsible attitude.

 His goal as treasurer would be to see the waste and to show it to the citizens of the state. To make the out of control spending more transparent to the people. Then my friends, after Mr. Bonini shows us, it would be up to us to hold our individual legislators accountable for their spending of our tax dollars.

  I couldn’t resist asking Mr. Bonini if he saw the move to State Treasurer as a possible stepping stone to the Governor’s office. He gave what would only be described as the “expected answer”.  “Not at this time.”  Well I can respect that. I can also only hope that at some time in the future it becomes one of his goals. I believe that he would bring the voice of the average citizens back to the governor’s office, a voice that has been missing from that seat for far too long in the state of Delaware.

  I wish Mr. Bonini nothing but good things and luck in his current and future endeavors.

  And for what little it is worth, this would be my official endorsement of Collin Bonini as our next State Treasurer for the State of Delaware.