Compare The Two




                   Mike Castle

     This is a direct link to the “Compare” page of the  Christine O’Donnell for United States Senate website. This is for those who have been asking what she stands for. Some have suggested that she needs to lay out a specific agenda, detailing what she would do if elected. That in my opinion would be foolish since many things could change between now and even September, let alone by the time she takes office. To lay out a specific agenda that could be made irrelevant by some unforeseen developement, would put her campaign at risk of having no direction at the most vulnerable time. Right before the primary.

  I believe this “Compare” page from her site lays out what she stands for on principle. She states what she will work to achieve. To demand that she list exactly how, when the playing field of world politics is an ever-changing field is unreasonable and not realistic.


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