Direction !

  Both on the national level and on the local level in this current election cycle, there is a battle within the GOP. The battle is about direction.

  Which direction will the party be moving in the future. Now you can describe the directions as left or right, forward or backwards. Of course some would be happiest to see the party stand pat in the middle.

  We have seen in numerous races around the nation a growing trend within the GOP, and also in the Democrat party, towards a more conservative direction.Ths may be  Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Now Mr. Brown may not be everyone’s idea of a conservative, but in Massachusetts, he is Rush Limbaugh. The point is that this move to the right is relative. In Massachusetts they moved from one, if not the most liberal Senators, Ted Kennedy a Democrat, to a more conservative Republican. We saw much the same thing in the New Jersey governors race, they went from a raving socialist in Democrat John Corazine, to a slash and cut fiscal conservative Republican in Chris Christie.

  So we have seen states which have a long history of voting in liberals and Democrats suddenly go more conservative and Republican. The question then becomes for Delawareans, will we follow the trend? Or will we be left behind and powerless in the coming change of power in congress that I and others feel is just over the horizon?

  The general election in November will be important to Delaware because we as citizens of the state will have the opportunity to change Delaware’s direction. We will be able to end what has been for far too long a slow slide towards a socialized governing body. We have the chance to move Delaware and in so doing the nation back towards our founding principles.

  But before the general election in November, the GOP must decide which direction it will move in the future. The GOP has two defining primary races to be decided on September 14th 2010. These two races will decide not only the direction of the state, the nation , but also the Grand Old Party.

  The first primary race is between Glen Urquhart and Michele Rollins. Both of these candidates are wealthy and will be able to mount aggressive campaigns. This race is to decide who will replace Rep. Mike Castle in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mrs. Rollins is the GOP endorsed candidate, but many feel she is not the people’s choice. Many feel that she is the candidate that would leave us standing pat in the middle . That she would not move the state,nation or party in either direction. Many feel she was hand-picked by Mr. Castle as his replacement for just that reason. Mr. Urquhart represents that move in direction that many are seeking. They feel he would move Delaware and the nation along with the GOP back towards our founding principles of less government intrusion, lower taxes, and personal responsibility.

  The other important GOP primary race has many of the same dynamics. In this race for the U.S. Senate seat once held by another liberal icon, now Vice President Joe Biden, we have two very different candidates.

  On the one hand we have our current Representative Mike Castle, who is also the GOP endorsed candidate. He has been selected by the National Journal as the most liberal GOP member in the House of Representatives. And yet there are still some within the party that feel that his election would be a move in direction.  On the other hand many feel that he would again be the candidate that would leave us standing in the middle, making no real move in direction. We would be faced with four more years of the same type of moderate-liberal representation. His challenger is Christine O’Donnell. Of all of the candidates that I have named in this article , many feel she would represent the biggest change in direction for the state,the nation,and the GOP. She is a conservative who holds to our founding principles of individual Liberties. She believes that the government that governs best, governs least. Ms. O’Donnell, if sent to the Senate, would represent the will of the people, not that of special interest. In this race you have a politician in Mr. Castle who has held public office of some kind since 1965. How do we expect to change direction by sending a man who has been in the system for forty-five years? Ms. O’Donnell has been criticized for her lack of experience, the fact that she hasn’t held lower offices. Well many feel that this is actually a positive. This would mean that she is not a part of what is already wrong with the state, the nation and the GOP.

  So I pose the question, as GOP voters go to the polls this September 14th, will they choose to stand pat in the middle , leaving Delaware behind the national trend of moving towards a more conservative governing body? Or will they choose candidates for change? Will the people decide to voice their opinions loud and clear? Or will they choose to follow the in the footsteps of past mistakes?

 I believe that the voters within the Delaware GOP, like voters around the nation,are tired of the same old business as usual. They are tired of being left standing in the middle. They want and will demand that the state, the nation and the GOP move in a direction that leads towards more personal Liberty and our other founding principles. I believe that the GOP voters will elect in the GOP primary, Glen Urquhart and Christine O’Donnell as the GOP nominees.

  Now before the usual suspects show up and tell me that Mr. Urquhart and Ms. O’Donnell can’t win in the general election let me just say, I feel that in the general election we will see the same desire for change from our fellow citizens who happen to be Democrats and independents. The Democrats are putting up candidates that represent no change in direction for either the state, the nation or even the Democrat party. This is why I believe that this election cycle is unique. If the GOP voters have the courage to lead the change in direction and to give  GOP voters a real choice for change. Then I feel that many Democrat and independent voters will follow.

  There is a fatigue within the state , the nation and both political parties with business as usual. Do you think Chris Christie was elected in New Jersey based solely on GOP voters? Hardly!

  This need, this desire, for a change in direction is why I feel that these two Delaware GOP primary races are the most important races for Delaware this election cycle.

  I encourage every registered member of the GOP to come out and make your voice heard on September 14 th !


2 Responses to “Direction !”

  1. Bill Says:

    Frank,if I may digress for a moment from “Direction,” I want to link your energy post from June 18 with your Direction! subject.
    What direction are we heading in right now? We have the entrenched politicians all voting for special interests that take care of them and not those they so call “represent.”
    Case in point as New Jersey and Massachusetts voting in Chris Chrisite and Scott Brown respectively. These are overwhelmingly DEMOCRATIC states and this happened? Emperor Corzine being dethroned and Kennedy’s seat going to a republican? It shows who’s in charge now. It shows a new direction!
    People are fed up with “business as usual” in Washington. Politicians only listen when they are running for re-election and even then do they really listen? I doubt it.
    Let’s not forget The Angry White Female at the Cheer center calling on Mr Castle’s vote for cap and tax. Let’s not forget that he voted FOR it despite overwhelming constituents calls AGAINST it! Which brings me to an article on The Drudge Report on $7-a-gallon-gas. It’s written by Ben Lieberman of the New York Post.
    Mr. Lieberman points out that President Obama’s agenda is to fund research by taxing fuel to force us to go “green.” Really? In what century? Doesn’t Obama realize the world moves on oil,gas,coal,and nuclear right now? Why does he think the oil spill and global warming are related?
    Global warming is not man made,it’s a natural cycle that has and will occur for millenia to come. To think that global warming is man made is the height of arrogance and an insult to our intelligence.
    Look at the two clowns in the house that introduced cap and tax: Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Edward Markey (D-MA). Need I say more?
    The article goes on by saying that this tax is a job killing,price rising,economy busting measure that will take us back to horse and buggy days. A little sarcasm there! Which will bring me back to direction. We need new faces,new ideas,and new attitudes in Washington. I am for Christine O’Donnell and Glenn Urquhart as they represent fresh ideas instead of the same old sorry faces that have been there for decades. Look at the direction they’ve taken us!
    Our democratic friends and conservative republicans CAN come together as was shown in Massachusetts and New Jersey.
    We can “sweep ’em out” in November and we’ll start a NEW direction that will guide us back on track as to what this country was founded on.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Well said Bill

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