Obviously All Of The Important Stuff Has Been Handled

145th General Assembly

 House Resolution #50

  Primary Sponsor: Gilligan                              

   Additional Sponsor(s): Rep. Cathcart& Rep.Longhurst & Rep. Schwartzkopf & Rep. D. Short on behalf of all Representatives

  Title: Recognizing Tuesday, June 15, 2010 As Staff Appreciation Day In The House Of Representatives

  Passed on a voice vote

  So I can only assume that all of the important legislation has been settled, right? Balanced the budget,and I guess we have settled that whole expanding gambling issue, right? In a week that saw Sen. Bonini shut down in the Senate. And not even allowed a moment of personal time to speak  about a very important issue, that would save the state millions of dollars. While the Senate  was being ruled with an iron fist, over in the House, they were serving up this pap.

  It is time that we start demanding that the legislators in Dover make better use of the time spent in Leg-Hall.Stop with the state dessert and changing the state fruit. If they would spend less time on this sort of drivel and more time tackling the real issues, maybe they wouldn’t end up passing the budget under the cover of darkness every year. But of course then the people would see the waste and fraud that passes for business as usual in Dover.

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